When I first broke the news that Barry Switzer was going to be a guest on TNT’s Saving Grace, I incorrectly said he was no longer with FOX. Apparently the Oklahoma legend is still in the fray with the NFL on Fox, and he has been honing is acting skills in the offseason. I also proposed at the time that Switzer’s performance would ultimately be much more important than any of the other forays into the business, and I’m here to say…..I was right (of course I was).

Of course I could just tell you that it was groundbreaking and say that I was right, but come on….you know me better than that. Ladies and Gents, I give you Barry Switzer’s debut acting performance on the TNT hit series “Saving Grace”….

Billy Sims? Steve Owens?! Heisman Trophy Award winner, Jason White?!?! Kyra Sedgwick Holly Hunter (whoops) could make even the worst of NFL disappointments sound awesome!!! The actual episode airs August 11th on TNT, and if you’re like me, you’ve already got that summabitch TIVO’d.

FOX NFL Analyst Barry Switzer Gets An Acting Gig (Awful Announcing)

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