Good lord. I honestly though that the Yankees were out of the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes, but apparently I was wrong. The Yankees just signed the slugger with a eight-year deal worth $180 million. Not only have the Yanks signed three players in the offseason totaling $423,500,000, but they now have four of the MLB’s highest paid players on their roster.

And while everyone in and around Baseball is rolling their eyes, there is one man who thinks this is a great idea. Stephen A. Smith!

I’ll gloss over the fact that S.A.S. said that the Yankees didn’t, “walk away with a World Series Championship this millennium,” (ummmm….they have a good while to attempt that), there’s no way they can still be considering signing Manny. I guess Steven does have a point though. If you’ve already spent $423 Million, you mind as well make it a cool $500.

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