So I’ve been taking in the White Sox-Rays game this afternoon, and I think it actually got me interested in Playoff Baseball this year. Sure the Cubs’ misery is fun and all, but yesterday just came off extremely slow paced to me. Not sure if it was the teams involved, or the good pitching performances just put me to sleep, but I just wasn’t into it yesterday. Well that’s not the case anymore. This game is just the opposite of that. The fans are awesome (bandwagon or not), Reynolds and Orsillo are great together (although they’ve had their awful moments), there are actually runs being scored, Ozzie Guillen is still crazy….and most importantly….

It comes complete with random on-field arguments sparked by Orlando Cabrera kicking dirt at reliever Grant Balfour for seemingly no reason whatsoever!

Now that’s what I’m talking about! HR suggested that the two may have a history, but I think the dirt kick was in response to Balfour celebrating after striking out Juan Uribe before Cabrera came up. Either way that was pretty fun. Feel free to use this as your open thread for the night and I’ll see you for a full day tomorrow.

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