I would never take credit for a movement this big, but I’m just glad I was a part of it. Gus Johnson is now back on one of the top four teams for CBS this Tournament season and he has a great interview with Tom Hoffarth from the L.A. Daily News today that you should check out. Here are some of the highlights…some of which come from you the AA commenter!

“Please put Gus on the number one crew (for the NCAA Tournament this year),” writes a reader on a post at awfulannouncing.com, one that highlights the final few minutes of Georgetown’s insane overtime win over Marquette that Johnson called two weeks ago.

“If he doesn’t get you excited about college hoops, you don’t have a soul.”

Yet, on that same posting, there’s a response: “I call Gus Johnson ‘Maxwell Mouth’ because he gives you an instant headache. Please Gus, SHUT UP.”

“It’s funny about that crazy criticism, it weighs more on some of us than the praise does,” said Johnson, who did last Saturday’s USC-Stanford regular-season finale and will call CBS’ coverage of the Pacific-10 Conference tournament final from Staples Center on Saturday afternoon (3 p.m.).

“To a lot of listeners, just being different from the others may not be what they’re accustomed to. I do worry sometimes (about being too over the top). Sometimes, I try not to bug out and just let it go. I’ll hide how I feel and what I see (during a broadcast) and try to be more conservative, so I don’t subject myself to more (criticism).

“We care about how the viewers react, and are careful not to overreact ourselves,” said [CBS Producer] Tony Petitti. “The NCAA committee felt the same way – they saw Gus’ connection to the game. And honestly, nothing against JB, but Gus called more games during the regular season and it made more sense to bring him back.”

I’ve told Gus before, and I may have gotten it from Bill Simmons (can’t remember), but if someone actually tells me they don’t like Gujo….I don’t think I can be friends with them. I think I speak for everyone Gus when I say don’t change a thing. We’re looking forward to this March because of you.

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P.S.- Hey CBS….could you maybe provide us with some more photos of Gus? The photoshop (above) I made last year just isn’t cutting it anymore.