So, I kind of have to preface this: I’m not going to be as attentive to the quotes as usual today. That is because there’s a big wildfire going on in my part of the world, which means I’ve been asked to work overtime and I figured, better Saturday than Sunday, because I don’t want to sacrifice a live-blog. So, blame Mother Nature. I’ll be as attentive as I can (and since I’m working I’ll have access to more than one TV at a time), but please do me the favor of being your usual selves and leaving as many golden bits as possible — and I’ll try and sneak in time to update the thread with the best ones.

Without further ado: here is your schedule for Week 12. Our leader and matron saint will be calling N’Western visiting the big house; second place Dr. Lou will be in the studio, and Crazy Uncle Gary will be at the Swamp in Gainesville for South Carolina vs. Florida.

I promise things will be normal on Sunday and I’ll be as attached to my computer and couch as the rest of you.

“He’s already broken all the Notre Dame freshman receiving records, Michael Tate.” – Steve Beuerlein pissing off both Golden Tate’s and Michael Floyd’s parents (Via Pickitup)

“They put a little Mop-n-Glo on it for that shine.”- Ray Bentley on Michigan’s helmets

Not an announcer, but a graphic in the Iowa-Purdue game: Taking Advantage, Purdue 33 points off 15 opponent’s turnovers. That’s a terrible ratio, taking advantage of what? Squandering your opportunities? (Via Smitty)

“They’re hotter than fish grease right now”- Desmond Howard on Gameday on TX Tech’s offense

“Charlie Weis guaranteed that Jimmy Clausen would not throw an interception today.” – Steve Beurlein, Clausen threw a pick on his first pass.

“If this was flag, he would still have them on.” – Doc Walker after Clemson’s CJ Spiller runs untouched for a TD (Via JG)

“That Maryland team is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma.”- Ray Bentley breaking out his best Churchill

“If this keeps up, we might be cow-tipping in the 2nd half.”- Dave Pasch (Via Anon)

“It’s all on the shoulders of Isaiah Washingt…Williams. Juice Williams.”- Andre Ware (Via RJBO)

“That’s what he can bring you in terms of big play ability when he’s playing like Juice Williams” – Andre Ware

Hey everybody, AA here and I’m going to be tagging in for S2N as he dons a hose and tries to save the state of California. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in and around a PWC so go easy on me. For your viewing entertainment I’ve brought you this video (via Deadspin), which could be one of the most ridiculous hit/catch combos that has ever taken place (:18 in)….

That was Chadron State College’s Issac Stockton, and Issac is my new hero. Oh and since it’s halftime of all these games, I argue you to change the channel to MTV and watch RockBand Battle.

“And Jimmy Clausen is coming back into the game, that’s a good sign for Notre Dame.”- Steve Beuerlein (Via Ted)

Yeah I don’t know about that Steve.

“I believe that position(tight end) is the least penalized in the game” – Doc Walker
“Is that because you played Tight End or you are a football expert?” – Steve Martin (Via JG)

“This is how you win championships. You put your foot on their neck to go up 21-0.” – Doc Walker, as Clemson was driving but Clemson was leading 10-0

“It think we should get the sideline reporter to go do the pushups.” – Doc Walker after Clemson scores
“Will our insurance cover it ? The truck will be calling 911” – Steve Martin
“I can do three.” – Mike Hogewood

Haha. I love how JG is our resident ACC Football watcher. I know I wouldn’t want to be watching Duke play. Actually I take that back. I’m watching Michigan/N’Western and anything is better than Wolverine Football at this point.

“Trying to stick that one into a Tuba.”- Ray Bentley after a N’Western pass hit a member of the Michigan band

“I actually I think the ball came out and was tucked against his side there.” – Andre Ware (Via Anon)

“TD pass for Kansas, 21-7 Texas halfway through the field.” – Rece Davis (Via SS)

“You have to be careful with neck injuries” – Dave Lapham (Via JG)

Thanks Captain Obvious!

“You have 32 teams with 3 spots per team that’s 94 spots” – Dave Lapham on TX QB Colt McCoy’s NFL prospects (Via JG)

Math is hard.

“He was ready to throw some hurtin bombs on the hit.”- One of the Daves at UGA / Auburn

“I hope you and Bob are nice and dry while I get wet here in trenches” – Stacey Dales

“You can stay a beaver all year long.”- Joe Tessitore (Via Anon)

“Well as you mentioned, North Carolina you gotta believe. They’re on the road, and for Maryland they’re playing at home.”- Bob Griese on his game plan for each team

Heck of a plan there, Bob.

“The back falls down, and he just becomes a Football player.”- Gary Danielson on Florida LB Brandon Spikes

“That was a knuckle ball.”- Gary Danielson
“On the outside corner.”- Verne Lundquist
(Via JFein)

“When it comes, it comes pretty hard.”- Bob Griese talking about the rain

“So much for the wet ball trick!”- Brad Nessler (Via Ted)

“They’re used balls. You like em when they’re a little bit round. Not too slick, just a little bit used.”- Bob Griese

“They’re playing for Paul Bunyan’s ass on ABC to a good chunk of the country.”- Brad Nessler
“Paul Bunyan’s?”- Bob Griese
“Axe.”- Brad Nessler
“What did you think I said?”- Bob Griese

“What is everyone laughing about up here? I said axe!”- – Brad Nessler

Hahaha….I dunno about that one. I’m going to have to pull that video and let you all decide. Sounded like ass to me though. Too funny.

“Somebody plugged the whole and then gave it to him right up under his chin.”- Brad Nessler

Man…Nessler is on fire!

“Kyle Halderman running to the endzone like he’s running to Watergate” – John Saunders making no sense (Via JFein)

“I love the sound of Ron Cherry’s voice.”- Brent Musburger

“You think the duck came up with that one?” – Mike Patrick on an trick Aflac Trivia Question

“The center stepped on him as he was pulling out.”- Kirk Herbstreit