I was really confused about the whole Jonas Brothers intro for the Little League World Series last week, but I have to say that the tune was kind of growing on me. That was until yesterday.

ESPN decided to rock out to the tune and splice in some lip-syncing/rapping from some of the network’s brightest stars. I give you the ESPN Crew, Gary Thorne, Stacey Dales, Karl Ravech and THE Brent Musburger singing “Burning Up” by the Jonas Bros….REMIX!!!!!!

Good….God. I really have no idea where to start with this. First of all, it’s one of those clips that is so terrible that it’s actually pretty entertaining. I actually belly laughed when Musburger came on the screen. Second, the absolute best part of the whole thing is how pissed Karl Ravech looks during his spot. He did not appear to be having fun at all.

Sure it’s ridiculously cheesy, and any thought of Gary Thorne dancing and/or saying “I’m Hot”, makes me throw up in my mouth, but who cares? It’s the Little League World Series. Those people in the truck and behind the scenes are usually working their asses off and probably rarely on camera. It’s good they had a little fun with the whole thing. It’s also much more PG than Orestes Destrade giving Pedro Gomez a massage while Pedro was sitting on his leg like “Santa Claus”.

Now if you decide to do this for Monday Night Football….I might have a different response.

Really ESPN? The Jonas Brothers On The LLWS Intro??? (Awful Announcing)