I know we’re all in the same boat in thinking that the Frank TV ads that ran all of last Summer and through the Playoffs were just about the most annoying things ever created. It didn’t help that the show itself only turned out six episodes when all was said and down (writer’s strike) and that it was rather terrible. Well according to the man himself the campaign actually worked and they’re going with it again during this year’s Playoff push. Blogger Alan Sepinwall talked with Caliendo during a recent press tour….

And, of course, once you get a crowd to laugh, it’s easier to keep them laughing. The volume never rose much above, say, a guffaw, but he also got good responses to impressions both familiar (Charles Barkley) and esoteric (Jeff Goldblum).

And, in between, we managed to ask a few questions. I brought up the plague-like barrage of “Frank TV” ads that aired during last year’s baseball playoffs, and asked whether Caliendo had maybe asked his bosses to tone it down this fall. Sadly, the answer was no.

“They worked,” he said, while acknowledging that some of that work involved annoying baseball fans with the same three clips played ad nauseum. He then apologized in advance for TBS’ plan to show even more “Frank TV” spots this time around.

Ugh. There’s nothing worse than running the same ad for four months with very little variation. I have a feeling this is going to be like the rapping Taco Bell guys but only more annoying and more maddening (as if that is possible).

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