Alrighty folks. The College Football season is getting underway tonight and you know what that means right? The Pam Ward Chronicles are back and in full force. You can see that the beautiful illustration above is our new official logo, and many many thanks go out to Dan Levy (not the FOX guy) of On The DL and 609 Design for coming up with that lovely thing.

To be honest with all of you, I had contemplated changing the name to something like the Mike Patrick Report (silent “T” like the Colbert Report), but in the end the PWC is what people know, and change is scary. I’d also like to say that the title is not in any way sexist and is solely named after Pam Ward because she’s a really really really REALLY bad announcer. I know I don’t need to explain that to most of you, but there are a few readers who don’t seem to get it (and probably never will).

If you’ve forgotten, the rules are simple. On Saturdays, you find quotes and put them in the comments. From there I’ll add yours to the thread, find some of my own as well as a few videos, and we laugh and drink the day away. On Monday, I pick the best ten quotes and points are assigned in reverse order. You can certainly challenge my picks and changes can happen if a good case is made. Best quote (well worst actually) will then get ten points, the next nine and so on…..and good times are had by all. Here were your final standings from last year….

Final Standings- 1. Gary Danielson (60), 2. Brad Nessler(53), 3. Mike Patrick (52), 4. Pam Ward (45), 5. Chris Spielman (44), 6. Andre Ware (34), 7. Lee Corso (31), 8. Paul Maguire (27), 9. Dave Pasch (26), 10. Bob Griese, Tim Brant (23), Post Season Winner- Lou Holtz

Other Site Announcements:

Commenters….You crazy, crazy commenters. I do love you all for taking the time to read the site and discuss the topics of the day, both the dedicated and the cynical. You may have noticed at times over the past few weeks that I have been playing around with comment moderation and have even deleted a few comments. I was really just trying things out, and have since come to the conclusion that I’m not going in that direction for the site. HOWEVAH! Every single racist, demeaning, sexist, homophobic and hateful comment WILL BE deleted. You can spew your hate at whatever message board that you fancy, but it’s not going to stay up here.

I like the fact that anonymous people in the business can comment if they want to and people can vent their frustrations. That’s why I started the site in the first place. I won’t be deleting, or have I ever, deleted a comment that disagrees with me….. I want you to disagree with me and tell me why I’m wrong. I want you to have a place to voice your opinion. As long as you’re respectful to each other, you can have all the VORP debates (in a post about Brian Kenny and John Kruk) you want. It makes the site better and it entertains me. Oh and you can also continue to make fun of my grammar if you want to as well. As long as you keep reading, I could care less how you feel about the writing…..I know you”ll keep reading.

S2N is going to be back…. on your weekends in various capacities throughout the rest of the year. His famous Sunday Night NFL Live-Blogs will be back, but you’ll also see him in and around the PWC on Saturdays. Everyone say hi and please welcome him back with open arms!

AA is going to be on a brief hiatus….Nothing crazy, but I’m going to get some “me” time in before College Football (really) gets underway on Saturday. It’s just two days, but I’m going to try and cleanse myself before diving head long into Football. The funny thing is that I’m going to attempt that by watching Sports live and in person. The main thing is that it will be a break from the computer, which is what I really need. If anyone is going to be either at the Giants-Pats game, or the US Open, in the next two days, hit me up in email and maybe we can grab a drink somewhere.

It’s going to be a fun fall at AA this year, and it’ll get underway early Saturday. Until then you’re just going to see Pam’s pretty face at the top of this page, but I think you can live without the site for a few days. With that said, I’m also asking the lot of you to help me get a jump on the “Chronicles” by submitting comments from the announcers from the Thursday and Friday night games in this spot. I’ll be completely out of the loop, and I’d greatly appreciate it and if anything crazy happens send up the “AA” signal and I’ll find a way to get the video up. So until Saturday….thanks for reading and keep reaching for the stars.

Cheers and XOXO,

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