My predetermined guesses of what’s likely going to be revealed by the Fox crew at 8 Eastern:

BCS Championship Game: Florida vs. Oklahoma
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Utah
Rose Bowl: Southern Cal vs. Penn State
Fiesta Bowl: Texas vs. Ohio State
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati

If this comes to pass, I understand why the selections work out this way, but let’s face it: I want Boise State in this sucker instead of Ohio State and I’m willing to bet I’m not alone. Granted, three of the five games listed would have some slobber-worthy match-ups for viewers, and since the Fiesta is one of those three, that scenario would draw eyeballs.

The problem is we’re obviously using a “what draws eyes” model to determine the best teams in college football rather than a “who made it through unscathed” model with regard to I-A (suck it, Football Bowl Subdivision). We know Boise State can play; the 2007 Fiesta Bowl should have given them some benefit of the doubt. So be it, though.

Debate the actual match-ups here, and any other bowl assignments to come.