Yesterday’s match was definitely a show and everyone involved is definitely upset, but the BBC is taking it a step further. They’re trying to seek damages after thunderstorms knocked out the International feed of Euro 2008 semi-final game between Germany and Turkey….

UEFA today faced compensation claims from broadcasters, including the BBC, following the loss of pictures during last night’s thrilling Euro 2008 semi-final.

Millions of football fans around Europe were left shouting at their television sets when a power blackout interrupted TV coverage of the nail-biting match between Germany and Turkey.

The game was midway through the second half with a scoreline of 1-1 when the first of two blackouts, caused by a fierce electrical storm in Vienna, Austria, hit British viewers watching on BBC1.

I don’t know how you can sue for damages during an act of God but stranger things have happened. I’m inclined to believe that the World feed went out, but the conspiracy theorist in me is thinking different. When lightning strikes it doesn’t tend to just knock out one tower or signal. No power was out in the town and the Swiss feed was still fine. I’m betting some security guard was just sitting on a cord and everytime he moved it went in and out.

In all seriousness, it stunk for everyone involved and it wasn’t anyone’s fault but God’s. So sue God BBC! Actually they’re probably doing that too come to think of it.

BBC may seek compensation from UEFA after storms knock out TV coverage during nail-biting Euro 2008 semi-final (Mail Online)