So we have a 3 Hour edition of Countdown and Emmitt to start our day off today and I couldn’t think of a better way to start a Super Bowl Sunday. I’ll be in and out of this place for the better part of the show and if you hear anything fishy be sure to leave it in the comments (I don’t think TSH has ever made a more appropriate photo).

Oooh Tom Osborne gets some face time on the intro for this perfection thing. Don Shula seems particularly excited to be doing this.

Haha…Chris Berman just coughed something up on the intro that’ll be up shortly.

“If they go 19-0, this team will be in an elite class by itself for this season and this season only.”- Emmitt Smith

I think I know what you were trying to say there Emmitt, but you didn’t say it quite right. We know they were elite of the NFL this season.

Someone needs to tell Berman that the Patriots lost two preseason games. He said they were undefeated in the presason, regular season and now playoffs. (Via Steve)

Great point Steve. I’ve heard multiple people say this over the past week. Also his tie is just amazing…I can’t stop staring at it. Whoa is Arlen Specter’s head really that big, or his body that small? That’s scary.

Nice Emmitt! He got through a whole minute of commentary about Spygate without messing up. Great job. Ron Jaworski just said he was okay with the Patriots video tapping and that he was involved in sign stealing himself. Steve Young did not look happy. Here’s the vid….

Go Rodrigo y Gabriela! Whoa….they are pretty badass.

Guitar players??? Bring on Bonerama!! (Via Mal)

Here’s your Berman vid….too funny….

“If you’re the Giants you have to prepare for a 100% Tom Brady”- Tom Jackson

Umm…okay. Great insight Tom. Whoa Mike Ditka is yelling at people now….and Keyshawn talks to little birdies. Why did they have to do that on the mini field?

“Here we go….don’t be afraid to come over here now.”- Chris Berman to the camera when it didn’t immediately come to him when he was talking.

Uh oh….he’s going to go ballistic during the break.

Wow….Belichick has one hell of a herp outbreak going on during this Navy sketch.

Bill Belichick’s cold sore in HD = the Cloverfield Monster. (Via Mez)

If you’re bored with ESPN you can head over to FOX for the Alec Baldwin hour. He’s on the Packers for some reason now and I keep waiting for him to say, “You ask me if Brett Favre has a god complex. Let me tell you something….Brett Favre is God.”

“Junior Seau to perhaps on Special Team get a Touchdown if the situation dictates itself.”- Chris Berman

WTF is he talking about?!?! Like a fumble recovery for a score? I’m also pretty sure that Seau doesn’t play on Special Teams.

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