It’s the Stoned Yokel vs. Marmalard in the Whale’s Vagina for all the AFC West marbles, and I figure I’m safer and better off listening to this on the radio on the drive back to my little university town from L.A. rather than watch Al and John. “But you’re a Broncos fan, aren’t you, S2N?”, you might ask, and that would be true. However, after watching this team give up two straight losses and utterly fail on defense, I remember how they lost out on a Wild Card spot two years ago thanks to losing in San Francisco in Week 17, and the last thing I think I want to do is see another similar collapse on TV after Mike Shanahan guaranteed a playoff spot before the season started.

That being said, have at it. I think the only thing I will miss is Rivers acting like a jerk by trash talking with a possible 8-8 record heading into the playoffs.