Sorry for the The Internet has caused a lot of grief for athletes and media members over the past few years. On of the more famous, or rather infamous, incidents was Stuart Scott’s texting habits during a Super Bowl party, and since then, Scott has done just about everything he can to stay out of the limelight (well besides that whole karaoke thing).

Well according to a story relayed to Deadspin from a cameraman at last Monday’s Vikings-Saints game, Stuart doesn’t want you taking pictures of him while he’s working. Even if you’re not REALLY taking pictures of him talking to a Saints Cheerleader….

Bachman was working the sidelines during the Monday Night Football game in New Orleans and at one point was taking photographs of the stadium crowd from the Vikings sideline which was near the MNF Countdown set. Bachman was standing directly behind Scott, who just so happened to be speaking with a Saints cheerleader at the time. Bachman wasn’t photographing him, but given that his lens was pointed in their general direction, it caught Scott’s attention. Scott said to Bachman something to the effect of “With the internet now man? Why? All I’m asking is why?” Bachman, startled by the question, tried to tell Scott that he wasn’t taking pictures of him, but it initially didn’t convince Stu. Bachman said that Stu wasn’t testy with him and was quite polite — Stu didn’t grab his camera or even demand he stop taking photos — but he was just a little taken aback that Scott would question why he was doing his job to begin with. Bachman said he showed Scott that he was deleting the shot of Stu and the cheerleader (which didn’t exist, mind you — Bachman just pushed a button and deleted another photograph to spite him) and Stu said “Cool, cool” and walked away.

Scott, via ESPN media relations, had “no comment” on the incident. Just for some background via other ESPN sources close to the situation: Scott’s reaction was in direct response to the “Lemme know” goofiness that caused him such distress.

I’ve always gone by the assumption that people are smart enough to take into account all the variables of a situation, but maybe that’s naive of me. I personally thought the Matt Leinart photos weren’t a big deal, and that it was the offseason, but I guess in the case of Stu….it’s better safe than sorry. At least he was cool about it. Whether his ego was a bit on display or not.

Stuart Scott is Desperate to Avoid Any Photographic Evidence of Him Chatting Up Cheerleaders (Deadspin)

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