So Dave’s Football Blog has come through with one of the most random, yet equally as awesome, videos I’ve ever seen. Many of you might remember the photos that were posted of Stu, Principal Belding and Charles Barkley from last year’s annual Jimmy V Classic Golf Tourney afterparty. Well, Stu was back at the party this past Sunday, and he really just wanted to sing some of Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be”. Enjoy!

Wow…just wow. I mean it wasn’t bad at all, but Edwin McCain? Alright. In all seriousness, Stu was at a great event for Cancer research, a disease which he’s been battling himself as of late. If the man wants to blow off some steam, and sing some emotional 90’s slow rock, then I say let the man rock (holds up lighter)!

Stuart Scott Sings the Hits (Dave’s Football Blog)

(P.S.- I’m not sure what Jay Harris is grabbing on in the above picture, so let’s all give thanks to the invention of the mic stand.)

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