After being let go a few weeks ago Stephen A. Smith was oddly quiet about the whole thing. Well it seems that he just needed to talk to his lawyers first. Here’s the statement released by his attorney Willie E. Gary….

“I put my life and all that I have into the Philadelphia Inquirer first as a reporter and then as a general columnist. I was raised to work hard and play by the rules. That is what I have done. I’ve worked hard and earned every single promotion and accolade that I received while at the Inquirer.

“No one did me any favors or gave me anything, nor did I expect them to. What’s fair is fair and what’s right is right. What they have done to me is malicious, intentional and vindictive. They want to ruin my reputation and all of the hard work that I have done over the years.

“I have never abandoned a job in my whole life. I wasn’t raised that way. The Inquirer forced me out and smeared my name and credibility.

“My family always said that your name is all that you have, and they have tried to destroy it.”

I really don’t think there’s a winner in this whole thing, and both parties have acted kind of childish. If Smith can’t damage his own reputation after years of yelling on screen, I don’t think getting fired from a newspaper is really going to hurt him.

Commentator Calls Newspaper Malicious, Vindictive (Maynard)

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