There was a point last night where I was actually pissed because I couldn’t keep up with the recording between both the ALDS Game Four between the Angels and Red Sox, and the MNF game. I think in the end, I only missed the Varitek play on the suicide squeeze and Reggie Bush’s second punt return for a TD.

Both games were crazy, but with what was on the line, the Sox win was that much more intense. Masterson blew a two run lead in the eighth after a passed ball and a Torii Hunter single that plated two, but Tek saved it in the ninth after a botched suicide squeeze, and Jason Bay and Jed Lowrie combined to end it….

I know I rag on the Red Sox a lot, and I of course don’t want them to win again, but they know how to handle things under pressure. I don’t know about you, but a Sox-Rays series, and a Dodgers-Phils series is rather intriguing to me. It’s going to be wild and the fun gets underway this Thursday at 8pm on FOX.

FYI- I posted this in the comments, but thought I would add it here as well. While still over-the-top, Caray was referring to the “Tor-EEEEE, Tor-EEEEE” hockey goalie-like chant when he said the, “Nobody’s chanting now,” line.

He still seemed a bit too excited, but there was a reason behind it.