About 20 different people emailed me during the third inning of the Yankees-O’s game and told me that I had to get video or audio from the YES feed during an Adam Jones at-bat. Well I’ve found the video and it’s safe to say that someone that works for YES doesn’t like O’s Batting Coach Terry Crowley (to say the least).

The broadcast is going along swimmingly and the announcers were talking about Crowley and his success with the O’s hitters early this season when it happens. Listen very closely at the :18 mark as someone hops on the feed and just lays into him out of nowhere (NSFW words are dropped as well)….

“Terry Crowley is lucky he’s in fucking Baseball for christsakes. He was released by the Cincinnati Reds, he was release by the fucking…..(voice fades out)”

Are you kidding me?! I know all sorts of crazy stuff happens in the truck, but good lord. That guy DOES NOT like Crowley at all for some reason. If anyone has more information please email me and let me know who or what that was.

I’m thinking someone might not be asking to game three of the series.

Update: So apparently that voice you hear is of Earl Weaver from an old Manager’s Corner. That explains the who, but I’d love to hear why it was played on-air.

(Thanks to everyone who wrote in regarding this, especially Lozo)