Before the Super Bowl you would have thought it was going to be a war of words between the Patriots and the 1972 Dolphins but that’s not the case after the Giants shocked the world. Instead it’s the 1968 Jets that are taking umbrage with the Giants win being considered the biggest upset ever in a Super Bowl.

“People said that there would be no contest between us and the Baltimore Colts back then,” former Jets defensive back and kick returner Earl Christy said from his home in Tampa. “In the case of the Patriots and the Giants … they played at the end of the regular season and people could see that the Giants played them tough and only lost by three points.

“But the way the Baltimore Colts were so dominant over almost every team in 1968 … and we had never played them … people thought they were going to kill us.

“I still think our win was a bigger upset than what the Giants did Sunday. We still hold that edge.”

I don’t really think it’s a comparison, but it’s an interesting discussion. The Jets really shocked the world, and they should still be proud, but why does everyone feel the need to speak up when a debate is raised.

Upset talk rankles former Jet Christy (Chicago Sports)