If I told you that a Sports Center anchor was hosting the show Wipeout that we’ve been seeing commercials for all Playoffs who would you guess it was? Stu Scott? Nope. Mike Greenberg? Thankfully no. How about Scott Van Pelt? Sorry. Chris Berman?!?! I wish!

Give up? It’s non other than the incomparable John Anderson!!! Wait, really?

SportsCenter anchor John Anderson will be taking on additional duties this summer with the new ABC show Wipeout scheduled to debut Tuesday, June 24, at 8 p.m. For eight consecutive weeks, the one-hour show will feature 24 contestants going head to head in four rounds of grueling and physically demanding obstacle courses to earn the title of “Wipeout Champion” and a top prize of $50,000. Dizzy Dummy, Sucker Punch, Topple Towers and Killer Surf are just a few of the wacky obstacles contestants will attempt to master in the premiere. Contestants will include a deputy sheriff, a pastor, a go-go dancer, a masseuse, a waitress, a car show model, a senior credit manager and a handyman.

“Think of Tiger Woods’ skill and determination, the NBA Finals athleticism and drive — then imagine the exact opposite,” said Anderson. “Which is why it’s a lot funnier than watching Tiger, the Celtics or the Lakers. The show is an absurd combination of competitiveness and lack of coordination. Fortunately the only obstacles I have as host are staying out of the way of the crashing contestants and the comedy of my hilarious co-host John Henson.”

John Henson? From Talk Soup? He’s still alive?! Well then. This show is getting even more and more awesome by the day isn’t it? While I know this is a direct copy of MXC, I’m kind of amped for it this Summer. Plus they’ve added Jill Wagner (pictured) who you might remember as the chica in the Mercury SUV commercial we ogled at all last year! Winner!!!

P.S.- $50K ABC?! Come on….this people are risking life and limb for your ratings. You couldn’t pony up a little more cash?


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