I didn’t want to re-use a photo of Abby Manning, but I couldn’t find one without her dopey husband in it.

Mark Jones takes the kickoff up to the 33 yard line, as Andrea tells us about Justin Tuck suffering from the flu. DeAngelo Williams gets five yards on first down, then gets six more to move the chains, as he’s flipped over. Jonathan Stewart comes back in and crosses midfield by gaining six or seven yards. Good coverage on 2nd down, as Delhomme aims for a check down, but it’s incomplete. Nearly throws a pick on 3rd down as the Giants blitz, and Baker will be on to punt. R.W. McQuarters fair catches the ball at about the 10.

Jacobs gets 3 on first down. He’s the recipient of the next short pass, and he has to reach down to grab it. Manning out of the shotgun, incomplete to Domenik Hixon over his back shoulder. 4th down. Feagles shanks it, and Carolina will start at the Giants’ 48. Williams gets a yard after they fake the end-around to Steve Smith. Stewart gets up to the 43. 3rd down throw to Muhammad over the middle is broken up by Corey Webster. Baker to punt. McQuarters downs it at the Giant 16.

Eli goes to Kevin Boss to start, who gets up to the 20. 2nd down gets a yard, Eli gets a delay of game on 3rd and 5, turning it into 3rd and 10. Manning finds Boss, who gets more than that 10 and a first down. Next pass goes to Hixon for another 10 yards up to the 41. Jacobs gets three more on the next carry. Ward busts it to the outside once again after cutting through the line, 22 yard gain to the Carolina 33. Manning hits Amani Toomer for his first catch of the day at the 21. Manning hits the fullback Hedgecock, who gets inside the 10 yard line for a first and goal.

Jacobs gets the carry and heads to the 2 yard line, but gets hit hard behind the line of scrimmage on the next carry.

“Sinuses are cleared.” – Al
“A lot of things of cleared.” – John, after Chris Harris’ hit on Jacobs

Manning drops back and hits Kevin Boss coming across the end zone for the touchdown. They kick the point, and it’s 21-20, Panthers.

I hate this Diet Pepsi Max ad now, although it’s nice to know that Chris Kattan is getting some form of employment. Mark Jones returns the kick to the 36. Delhomme looks deep for Steve Smith, but his pass is incomplete. Williams gets six yards on the carry. Delhomme spots Muhsin Muhammad at midfield and hits him to move the chains on the last play of the third quarter.

Antonio Pierce gets some nice penetration on the running play and brings Williams down for a 1-yard loss. Williams gets that yard back and one more; 3rd and 9. Delhomme hits Dwayne Jarrett, who gets airborne to bring the ball down at the 31 of New York. Williams gets the carry, gets to the outside — and breaks it all the way for 30 yards for the score! Add the XP, it’s 28-20, Carolina. Fourth TD of the day for DeAngelo Williams!

Bradshaw brings the ball out to the 23 this time. Manning’s brought down by Tyler Brayton for a 9-yard sack on first down. Jacobs gets back all the way out to the 30, catching the Panthers in nickel coverage. Ward gets to the outside again and is sprung free by a block all the way to the Carolina 33 for a 37 yard carry. Jacobs up to the 31. Eli doesn’t like the defense and calls time. Jacobs’ hands of stone drop the pass from Manning on 2nd down and 7. On 3rd down, Manning gets shellacked by Julius Peppers from his blind side. You could hear that from miles away.

It knocks the G-men out of field goal range, so Feagles punts, and the Giants bat it out at the one-yard line to pin the Panthers in. Williams gets a yard on the next two carries. He gets up to the 4 yard line on 3rd down. Baker’s punt is good; McQuarters runs out of bounds at the Carolina 44.

Hixon gets 13 yards after an initial loss on a penalty. 2nd and 2 after the catch. Derrick Ward gets stopped for a loss of a yard. Manning hits Toomer on the right side, he gets extra yardage by breaking tacklers and is down at the 22. Ward gets two yards on the carry, then grabs three more on the shotgun draw play. 3rd and 5 — over the middle to Kevin Boss, and he runs to the five before he’s brought down. First and goal.

Manning goes for Hixon in the end zone, and it’s broken up — but they call pass interference on Ken Lucas, Carolina’s first PI flag all season. Resets the down to first and goal at the 1. Brandon Jacobs rumbles through the line for a touchdown, and the Giants are going for two.

Incredibly good fake to Jacobs out of the shotgun on the conversion, and Manning hits a wide-open Hixon. 28-all! Damn, this is a game we got here.

Another good return by Mark Jones, who is tackled at the Carolina 38. Delhomme to Stewart over the middle, and he crosses midfield to move the chains. Stewart gets a yard on the next play. Two minute warning.

Great break-up of the pass to Steve Smith by Corey Webster, making it 3rd and 9. But Muhammad is there on 3rd down, crossing the marker and being tackled at the 37. Delhomme drops it, but picks it up and hands it off to Williams, who gets 10 yards and a first down — depending on this flag — and it’s a holding call on Steve Smith. That’ll be coming back to the Giants 47.

“That’s a good hold. That’s a doggone takedown.” – John, on Smith’s holding penalty.

I believe Steve Smith could make a very good wrestler, even at his tiny size. Williams gets up to the 40.

Glad we got that shot of Justin Tuck being, as Al said, “sick with the flu”. – Mal

Donovan McNabb understands Justin Tuck’s pain. DeAngelo Williams out of the Wildcat formation, he rushes up to about the 33, getting out of bounds. 3rd and 6, Williams gets two yards, and Kasay is going to try a 50 yard FG.

Kick is up….and WIDE LEFT! We’re gonna have us some OT!

Giants get the ball to start, winning the coin toss.

“Looks like Eli Manning said, ‘Oh my goodness.'” – John
“Or a reasonable facsimile, when we come back.” – Al

Giants’ offense starts at the 20 after Bradshaw takes a knee on the kickoff. Ward starts off with a six yard carry, he’s over 130 yards rushing on the night. Eli’s pass is a bit high for Domenik Hixon. The pass for Toomer is also too high, and the Giants will go three and out.

Feagles punts it to Mark Jones, who’s tackled after making it to the 38 yard line of the Panthers. Jonathan Stewart gets six yards on his first OT carry. They go back to Stewart for 2 more yards.

“You how you say key third down? Every third down is a key third down in overtime.” – Al

Delhomme’s 3rd down pass is tipped and incomplete but Kevin Dockery, and the Panthers will have to punt as well. Baker punts to McQuarters, who muffs it, but is able to fall on it at the 13 yard line. Near disaster right there.

Ward gets a massive hole through the middle and runs right through it all the way to the Carolina 36! Jacobs takes the next carry 3 yards up to the 33. Manning throws behind Hixon on the play. Another shotgun draw to Ward, who is up to 198 rushing yards after taking that play to the 19.

Ward is INSANE, getting to the outside again!

“On a windy night, it’s Wind of Earth, Wind, and Fire. 216 yards!” – Al, after Derrick Ward runs another 18 to the outside. First and goal at the 1 — and BRANDON JACOBS ICES HOMEFIELD WITH THE TOUCHDOWN! 34-28, GIANTS!

301 yards on the ground total for the Giants. Great, great game. Thanks for joining me. I’ll be driving to L.A. tomorrow as I’m on vacation this week, so if I get there in time, maybe there might be a Monday Night Football live-blog.