I’ve been keep track of the Championship quotes all week and to all of you that have emailed some in I thank you. That’s going to be tomorrow’s first post and it’ll definitely be worth a look see. As for today, I’m going to use this space to talk about the Championship games and then the Selection Shows later on this evening. There will be quotes, vids, and your comments.

If you’re around feel free to chime in and I hope all of your teams make it in this fine Sunday (even though mine isn’t going to). First video of the day via Yahoo is this clip of Mike Patrick’s adulation of all things Hansbrough and the ACC….


Tyler Hansbrough has a secret admirer. Okay, it’s Mike Patrick (Yahoo Sports)

I really don’t know how he still has a job. How can you say it was a good play for a player to NOT get a rebound?! That just doesn’t make sense.

Please tell me someone else just heard Dick Vitale start a story by saying’ “My wife was on her knees earlier today…” (Via Hanrahan)

I wish I could get the ESPN feed right now. I still say those two should be banned from ever calling an ACC game ever again.

Post a clip of Hansbrough’s post-buzzer beater celebration. He looked like the “special kid” who had just made his first ever shot in gym class. (Via Steve B)

As you wish….1 minute mark for those who missed it. So goofy….


Oh and while we’re at it, here are my last four in and last four out. Feel free to share yours in the comments….

In: St. Joes, Virginia Tech, South Alabama, Villanova
Out: VCU, Illinois State, Ohio State, Arizona

“He throws it off the shin guards……I remember when I was a player, I got down and laid sideways because I didn’t want to be a soprano.”- Bucky Waters on getting the ball thrown at him as someone is jumping out of bounds.

“Ogelsby and Riversby are three point shooters.”- Mike Gminski

Pretty sure Gminski is just putting By’s on the end of everyone’s names at this point. Rebound by Tyler Hansbroughby! UNC is trying to lose this game too. Here comes and Ogelsbyby three.

“This is the magic that is March Madness. You get the Goliaths against the big guys.” – Dick Vitale (Via Hanrahan)

“Arkansas and Georgia for the birth to the NCAA Championship.”- Verne Lundquist

Good to have you back Verne. This also just looks weird with the ESPN crawl at the bottom, but good for them at least getting the game on TV….

Am I the only one that wants to see Georiga in the tourney and Kentucky get the boot? (Via Nelvis)

I don’t think you’re alone in that regard. I guess the only good thing about the boring ass Big Ten Championship and the SEC Championship is that the committee has to wait around to see if either team wins.

“Can it be they’ve weathered the storm?”- Verne Lundquist

So so bad. It looks like Kansas is getting the one seed, so I guess that leaves Tennessee, Wisconsin, Duke, and Texas as 2’s most likely. Is anyone in the Country watching that Big 10 game? Bad move by CBS not carrying the SEC game on their network if you ask me.

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