The other thread was getting a bit long so I’m throwing up another one for the ESPN and CBS coverage of the bracket “reveal”. I’ll probably be on CBS most of the time so if Bobby Knight looks like he’s going to lose it, lemme know in the comments.

Amazing win by Georgia and that video should be up shortly right below this post. Just 5 minutes to go! John Calipari seems much calmer going into the Selection Show this year doesn’t he?

ESPN says they’re releasing the brackets at 5:59 PM. Didn’t they learn their lesson from the MLB All-Star game? (Via Paco The Storytelling Mule)

Well it’s past that time and Linda Cohn is still yammering about the SEC Title Game….

#1 overall is UNC in the East, Memphis goes to the South, West is UCLA and Midwest is Kansas….no surprises there. UNC would play Kansas and Memphis would go up against UCLA.

Jim Nantz: a comb-over unlike any other. (Via Mal)

We’ve got Amercian, Tenn, Baylor, Xavier, ND, USC, Temple, Mason, and WVU as our live look-ins on CBS.

Bobby Knight does not like Conference Championships AT ALL!

East Highlights: UNC gets the play-in game, Arkansas is in against Indiana, Notre Dame gets Mason (Upest!), Washington State takes on Winthrop (Upset!), Vols are the #2 Seed in the East, BUTLER IS A SEVEN SEED!!!!!!!!!, South Alabama gets in, Louisville is the three seed, St. Joes is in and will face Oklahoma.

Well that just about takes care of every bubble team and Butler got seriously screwed by having to go up against South Alabama in Birmingham.

Midwest Highlights: Kansas gets Portland State, UNLV-Kent State will be a great game, Clemson is a #5 seed and will meet Nova (amazing game), Vandy is a #4, Georgetown is a #2?!?!, Gonzaga meets Davidson (another great game), Wisconsin is a #3 (hosed), USC-Kansas State (Beasley vs Mayo).

No way GTown should be a two seed over Wisconsin. Sorry. Weak bracket but very good first round matchups.

“Siena very dangerous. I like them to beat Vandy.”- Seth Davis

Knight’s nose resembles Coughlin’s during the Green Bay game. He’s either been out in the freezing cold or slugging down the Jack Daniel’s in order to put up with these guys. (Via Mal)

Committee leakage!!!! Lunardi TOTALLY got a tip. Villanova my butt. (Via Ed)

Washington State at a 4 is patently ridiculous. It seems like they’re ALWAYS overseeded. (Steve B.)

South Highlights: Oregon gets in against Miss State, MSU gets a five seed and Temple, Pitt gets the four and Oral Roberts, Texas is the two seed, Miami is in as a #7 and will take on Saint Mary’s (Upset!), Stanford is a three, Marquette the #6 and will take on the Kentucky Wildcats (bulls**t).

Sorry VCU, Arizona, Baylor, Arizona State….there’s only one spot left and I think it’s going to Virginia Tech.

Georgia video is up below this post.

West Highlights: UCLA is the one, BYU gets A&M in the 8/9, Drake is a five seed?!? and will take on WKU, UConn is the four and gets SD (VT is out), Duke is the two and they get Belmont, WVU is in as a #7 and get #10 Arizona (Bulls**t), Xavier is the three and gets the unlucky matchup against Georgia, Baylor is in (bulls**t) and they’ll play Purdue.

Okay….I’m sorry but Baylor, Oregon, Arizona especially as a 10 seed, and Kentucky all in over Virginia Tech is just nonsense. I feel bad for Hokie fans.

Last Teams In: Nova, K-State, Baylor, Kentucky, and St. Joes
Teams Out: VT, Arizona State, Dayton, UMass, Miss, UAB, Ohio State

It’s weird-looking that Duke is going to DC and Georgetown is going to Raleigh…. (Steve B.)


When UGA won, that was it for VA Tech. I can’t wait to hear Seth Greenberg bitch and moan now. (Via Bruce)

Yeah he’s gonna be pissed.

ASU and Va. Tech got seriously screwed. (Via SS Reporters)

Agreed. Butler got seriously hosed being a #7 seed, Drake should NOT be a #5, and Texas getting a Sweet 16 game in Houston is pretty sketchy.

“The ACC gets fewer teams when they don’t have someone on the committee.”- Jay Bilas

Tom O’Connor says that they don’t pay attention to conference ranks and everything is done by individual teams. Billy Packer doesn’t seem to buy it.

I guess if you’ve got a CBS camera on you during the Selection Show, you’re making the Tournament. I’m looking at you, Baylor. (Via RJBO)

Hahaha. Clark is picking all #1 Seeds (that ALWAYS works) and Seth is going with Tenn, Kansas, Texas, and UCLA. My one rule is that you never ever pick Kansas….ever.

Clark’s Sleepers: ND, Clem, MSU, WVU
Seth’s Sleepers: St. Joes, USC, Temple, Arizona

Clark obviously doesn’t know what a “sleeper” is.

Okay everyone….thanks for commenting and I’ll keep updating as the night goes on. Look for the AA Bracket Challenge tomorrow and the unveiling of a very special March Madness t-shirt for you to pick up.

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