It’s no secret that I extremely despised Sean Salisbury as an analyst on ESPN. You never want to see someone lose their job, but with the way he handled himself at times, I certainly wasn’t sad when it happened to him. After some trying times, Sean is trying to reinvent himself these days and in doing so actually talked to Deadspin at length about everything that has happened over the last two years. I’m sure you already read it, but it need a spot on this site….

On ESPN Not Renewing His Contract: “They gave me a platform . For a guy that was an average quarterback, to be a broadcaster for 12 years…whenever you do something for 12 years whether it’s marriage, or job, or family you’re drawn to it. So those people treated me great and I have no qualms about leaving it, at the time I needed to do some other things. But these last five months for me have probably been as peaceful as I have had in a long time. And this is the longest I’ve been without work for a while so it was time to go back and get a job. And fortunately with OPENSports, I’ve got the beginning of something special and this is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.”

On The Alleged Cell Phone Pics: “It NEVER happened. And I have written proof at my house on an ESPN document that states that it didn’t happen. And, A.j. …let’s think about this now: What in the world would anybody stupid enough…first of all, I wouldn’t know the difference between an intern and a p.a. I know they’re more talented than I am…..

Hey, I’m not perfect. As far as that one situation? Do I think that the suspension should have happened? Absolutely not. Was I suspended for “other stuff” than what other people speculate about? In my mind, yes. I can guarantee you, I know for a fact, had other situations surrounding that not had happened – I don’t know if I’d still be at ESPN because that was two years ago and I should have been long gone and somebody put legs on it. That had nothing to do with according to them and me with me leaving ESPN.”

On The Infamous Super Bowl Party: “I don’t have that much game. Irvin, superstar, great guy. Stu Scott, talented guy, he’s won many Emmys and then….It’s like Sesame Street. “One of These Things is Not Like the Other”? Then there’s Sean. I’d like to say it was my ruggedly handsome good looks and my charming personality. I just think we were at a small place and there were people around, it was after Sports Center, and we go over there and are trying to help a guy out. Put it this way: I had a good time and had a lot of laughs. Nobody hates eye candy and I just wish I was a little more of it.”

Again, I’m sure most of you have already taken the time to peruse the interview, which is why I tried to keep those quotes as short as possible, but if you haven’t….it’s a must read. The whole thing comes off like a conversation with someone who is just beyond manic at this point. He was always a high energy guy, but I can’t even imagine what the phone call was like.

I honestly wish him the best of luck with Open Sports (whatever that is), but you really do get back what you put into this world. There are many documented cases of him being combative and unbearable to work with, but I think this clip sums up his time at ESPN the best.

Hopefully he’s learned to channel that energy and aggression in a different way and can put it to good use at his new job.

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