A little levity to ESPN’s all-day fawning over Yankee Stadium, as commenter Bazooka Jones alerted us to earlier today, via the wonderful someecards.

Despite having family in the New York area, I’d never gone to the Stadium. (My family is full of Mets fans; I’ve been to Shea twice.) But, I understand the reverence everyone has for Yankee Stadium; it’s obviously an integral part of baseball history. Too many great players and too many great moments in baseball, including 26 World Series banners, hang in that stadium.

And yet, MLB lets that history go out into the sunset with the Baltimore Orioles visiting. Yikes. Didn’t they have a year to fix that after the initial schedule came out? Anyway, if you have Yankee Stadium stories, share them, and consider this another open thread, this one for the O’s-Yanks Sunday night game — if you can bear to deal with Joe Morgan tonight.

Sunday Night Footbal Live Blog coming in an hour….

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