So you wake up at the wonderful time of six o’clock (or three o’clock for those in the West) in the morning to watch your beloved Red Sox open their season in Tokyo. You turn on your DirecTV box and turn it to NESN and/or ESPN2. You blink for a few seconds to gather what it is that you’re seeing…..nothing….

“I’m in Atlanta, and my ESPN 2 is out as well, so it’s not just Boston area customers. I’m calling Directv right now to see what the deal is…”

“Good luck getting through. This is inexcusable. I’m in Birmingham.”

“Out in Florida as well.”

“It’s out here in Wisconsin as well.. Let us know what’s goin on…”

“DirecTV out in Scranton, PA also.”

“I’m gonna go flip some cars.”

“I’m in NC and it is out here as well.”

“Same in New Jersey. lets say i’m less than pleased.”

“This morning I took my Directv satellite dish and literally threw it off my balcony and onto my car windshield, and now I can’t drive my car.”

And that’s just nine out of one hundred and sixty three comments from Extra Bases’ coverage of the game this morning. Looks like they missed a good one too.

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