I mentioned at the end of June that you had the opportunity to get Mike and Mike to appear at your house with a sizable donation to the V Foundation. Well that donation has bee submitter to the tune of $57,100 and by none other than the ex-wife of ex-ESPN analyst Rush Limbaugh.

ESPN Radio’s popular morning show Mike & Mike In The Morning scored big Wednesday when it ran an on-the-air auction to raise money for cancer research.

The big-ticket item: For a price, former Dolphins lineman Mike Golic and his obnoxious co-anchor, Mike Greenberg, would broadcast one morning this fall from someone’s house.

The winning bid was $57,100. Sold, an ESPN spokesman told The Palm Beach Post, to one Marta Maranda from the Jupiter area.

According to state and county records, there’s only one. And she happens to be conservative radio talker Limbaugh’s former missus. She didn’t return repeated calls, and no one appeared to be home Thursday.

It’s unclear whether the retired tough guy Golic and his skinny buddy realize that in October they could be broadcasting from an $11.5 million mansion in Jupiter Island – smack dab in the middle of Tiger Woods’ neighborhood.

That’s just about the most random thing I’ve ever heard. The funny part of the whole thing is that using a house for commercial purposes, including radio broadcasts, are actually banned on the island. The island’s code enforcer is already on the look too. Said Jeff Newell, “I guarantee you we’ll be looking for them.”

Dunh Dunh Dunh!

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