There was a blind item in a Teddy Greenstein column over at the Chicago Tribune today that caught Sports by Brooks and my eye(s) today. Apparently people have been questioning CBS as to whether or not this is Billy Packer’s last NCAA Tournament. CBS is denying that it is, but where the hell did this come from? I hadn’t seen it anywhere until today….

This just in:

A CBS Sports spokeswoman shot down a rumor that this would be Billy Packer’s last NCAA tournament. It will be Packer’s 34th Final Four….

That’s it. That’s all it says. I love Teddy Greenstein, but I personally would love a little background there. (On a side note, I haven’t really been THAT annoyed by Packer this year. He wasn’t as bad on the ACC Tournament compared to years past.)

I’ve really been making an effort to stay away from the whole Blogs vs. MSM thing (who really cares in the long run), which is why I didn’t address Bob Costas’ comments, but this item got me thinking….where are all of these blogs that start rumors? I think I wrote about one when the whole Herbstreit-Michigan thing can up, but that was just a joke. I can really think of only one major blog that regularly features rumors, but most of those seem to pan out. I think both mediums do their fair share of rumor milling, don’t you?

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