No, it’s not for comparing every quarterback in the NFL to Brett Favre, it’s actually an existing matter from one of his other business ventures. Ron Jaworski has a ton of non-Football related ventures and one of those is apparently called Ron Jaworski Golf Management. Well, the owner of Running Deer Golf Club in Elmer, New Jersey is taking Jaws to court and claiming that the MNF analyst deceived him and forced the club into bankruptcy. From….

The suit depicts how the Monday Night Football broadcaster and motivational speaker convinced Carman in early 2008 “that he would never do anything to hurt (them)” and allow his family to continue operating the club.

“Jaworski intended (Carman) rely on representations of his good intentions,” according to Greiner. “Carman believed that he was dealing with a future partner rather than someone hostile to his interests.”

Greiner said Jaworski offered at first to either enter into a near equal partnership so Carman could continue operating the club, or purchase the mortgage and resell it to Carman for a small profit. Jaworski, 57, the CEO of Ron Jaworski Golf Management of Blackwood, apparently reneged on his offer, instead opting for outright control by seeking to buy the mortgage from Sterling Bank for $3 million and make an unreachable proposal to Carman, according to the suit.

The mortgage package included the course and the Carman home, Greiner said.

Wow. Now I know that someone with a handful of small businesses like Jaws often runs problems of this nature, but that reads pretty bad for the analyst. Hopefully it was just a misunderstanding and that Jaworski wasn’t trying to snake his way to steal a man’s livelihood and home. If any of you lawyers out there want to weigh-in, feel free to do so in the comments.

Course owner suing ex-Eagle (

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