A weird exchange took place during last nights ESPN Baseball game between Rick Sutcliffe and Erin Andrews last night. The conversation started with Dave O’Brien commenting on the color of Andrews’ dress and ended with Rick Sutcliffe talking about her skirt possibly blowing up and people staring at her during batting practice. Seriously. Via Big League Stew….

I love Rick’s attitude towards his battle with Cancer, but good lord he made OB a little uncomfortable at the end there didn’t he? Not to mention how much of a stoner he sounded like when he said, “I’ve got a new favorite color, I know that, man.”

Just a bit more than awkward there, and I’m sure EA doesn’t mind it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sut got a talking to before his break. USS Mariner though thinks the penalty should be a little harsher.

Rick Sutcliffe is concerned for Erin Andrews’ skirt in Chicago (Big League Stew)
Rick Sutcliffe is a horrible person and ESPN’s no better (USS Mariner)

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