So much for team unity and Disnergy. Via reader GL comes this interview with Play Magazine in the New York Times with the newest ESPN Writer and personality Rick Reilly. It seems like Rick is falling right in line with the rest of ESPN regarding “Internet Writers”, but it’s the apparent dig at the end to Simmons that left me puzzled….

This might sound a bit strange. The Web is supposed to allow the sportswriter to unbutton his blazer and slough off the constraints of the print trade. What looks like a small masterpiece on the back page of Sports Illustrated might seem somehow smaller on the Internet. But where some of us gaze at the Web and see a delightfully shaggy form of journalism, Reilly sees too many sloppy, overly indulgent meditations. “A lot of these guys could use a Lincoln Continental, if not a Greyhound bus, full of editors,” he told me. (When I asked about popular columnist Bill Simmons — soon to be his teammate — Reilly pretended that the phone had gone dead.)

Man I really wished Simmons hadn’t re-upped his deal with ESPN this past year. Think of all of the great articles he could write if he was allowed to say what he really felt. Oh and Rick Reilly….please get over yourself (if that’s possible).

Yuckster Fricassee (NY Times)