I didn’t think it was possible for someone not named Chris Berman to annoy when watching the Home Run Derby but he’s been officially replaced. Rick Reilly on-air is about the worst thing you can add to a broadcast, and it’s not even close. Here he is waxing exstatic about how there are too many “white” competitors in the Derby….

Let’s forget for a second that all defending champions denied a chance to defend, and I’ll even look past the fact that he didn’t know that non-All Star Game participants aren’t invited. He seriously decided to drop nonsense like this throughout the broadcast. I don’t know how many times he said the word heroin in regards to Josh Hamilton, and while it’s the truth, it just begs of a desperate man searching for an angle on-air. Just a bad decision to have him on the broadcast….send him to England for the British Open now please.

Also, the Karl Ravech “Interesting Concept” line is just about the funniest thing I’ve heard in awhile.

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