Last week I mentioned that Ric Bucher was probably persona non grata after some comments he made about Utah and Mormons. It was also noted in the comments of the Playoff announcing schedule that Bucher was going to be an analyst for Game 4 of the Jazz-Rockets series at Utah this Saturday. Well according to SMW, that’s no longer the case…..

As it turns out, ESPN NBA reporter Ric Bucher will not be reporting from Utah for Rockets/Jazz Game 4 on Saturday.

After a press release listed Bucher as the sideline reporter for the Rockets/Jazz game from Energy Solutions Arena on Saturday night, ESPN has apparently had a change of heart. Bucher will now work the sidelines for Celtics/Hawks Game 3, while Heather Cox will be the sideline reporter for Rockets/Jazz Game 4.

Seems like a smart move, but the smarter move would have just been to leave him at home with a suspension.

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