Every time that the Cowboys and Packers get together all of Sports Media decides to hype the game by bringing up the 1967 NFL Championship game, or the “Ice Bowl” as it’s better known as. It’s arguably one of the greatest games ever played because of the conditions (-13 Degrees, -36 with wind chill factored in) and the intenrivalry between the two teams.

You’ve probably seen highlights from the game on NFL Films, but WTMJ in Wisconsin is doing something even cooler (pun intended) this go around. They’ve made available a retrospect that they did on the game three years ago which featured clips from the original radio broadcast….

The Packers hosting the Cowboys. Doesn’t the wind chill just spiral downward in the room when you hear those words?

The Packers hosting the Cowboys. Can’t you just imagine Bart Starr falling behind Jerry Kramer into the south end zone to win a record third consecutive NFL championship and thousands of fans jumping onto the field before Starr could have ever considered doing a Lambeau Leap?

(Never mind that celebration hadn’t been invented until 26 years later.)

41 years ago, Newsradio 620 WTMJ carried the game considered by many to be the greatest the sport has ever seen. Three years ago, Newsradio 620 WTMJ rebroadcasted that classic contest. Now you can enjoy it on demand, anytime!

Ice Bowl: 1967 NFL Championship Game Audio

No full broadcast of the game on film or audio exists, so this is about as close as you’re going to get. The game itself featured twelve future Hall of Famers (players and coaches) and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon if you’ve got nothing else to do.

Packers-Cowboys: Listen to Ice Bowl (WTMJ)

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