Hopefully everyone won’t freak out in response to these the way that they did to the Matt Leinart photos, but I’m posting them anyway. Don Chavez has come across a set of photos of Reggie Miller dining with what seems to be a bevy of attractive females (debatable) and in one shot pouring grey goose into to the mouth of one of the ladies. Enjoy!

We obviously have no idea when these were taken, but from the original post it seems like they were shot recently. In which case Reggie as a divorced man is just having some good old fashioned fun. As a connoisseur of the clear liquor let me just say that while I normally get the ladies pour the vodka into my gullet….this looks equally as fun. DJ would be proud of your skills Reggie.

Let’s throw in another one just for the fun of it…..

Reggie Miller Likes To Party (Don Chavez)
Reggie Miller Is Better at Pouring Liquor in Ladies’ Mouths Than He Is at Announcing (Fanhouse)

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