The Patriots are upset at just about everyone that ran with this and the Patriots’ President Jon Kraft has some words for ESPN as well….

“I don’t. If you guys can get any of them on the air — I would argue that there are certain people at who have shown journalistic standards that really are not up to snuff. And the Times, give the Times credit for one thing, they gave us a chance to comment the day before and they actually took some of our comments and realized that certain parts of what they were about to write that were wrong, but there were other things that they still decided to print.”

Hmmm, I wonder who he’s talking about? Could his name rhyme with Schmortensen??? I kid, I kid. There were certainly people at ESPN (Easterbrook) who ran roughshod with the story as well, and they did a good job of throwing the Herald under the bus last week on ESPN Radio, but ESPN seemed willing to do the background work that the Herald wouldn’t do. They still certainly jumped the gun in a few instances on, but in all fairness most ESPN shows (Sports Center, NFL Live) and “talking heads” still referred to the Herald

It seems like to me the Pats are really just reacting to being portrayed in a negative light for the first time by the “Leader”. There are a lot of people to blame in this whole mess, but in the end the Patriots still cheated. Not to the degree rumored by the Herald, but none of this would even be an issue if they hadn’t.

(P.S.- This is the last post on this….I promise.)

Jon Kraft (WEEI)
Patriots President Jonathan Kraft: Journalistic Standards Not Up to Snuff (Fanhouse)

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