I’ll have other stuff going on today, but I’m going to keep a running track of Opening Day videos, quotes and goingons in this spot. It’s cold and gray here in the Nation’s Capital and it’s perfect Baseball weather! Not really, but Opening Day is here anyway.

Here are your ESPN announcers for the day and I hope you get to enjoy some of the action….

Baseball Tonight from Yankee Stadium (ESPN, Noon)- Karl Ravech, John Kruk, Eric Young
Toronto at New York Yankees (ESPN, 1pm)- Dan Shulman, John Kruk
Milwaukee at Chicago Cubs (ESPN2, 2pm)- Brent Musburger, Orel Hershiser
San Francisco at Los Angeles Dodgers (ESPN, 4pm)- Dave O’Brien, Steve Phillips, ERIN ANDREWS
Baseball Tonight (ESPN2, 5pm from Bristol)- Karl Ravech, Eric Young, Buster Olney
Los Angeles Angels at Minnesota (ESPN2, 7pm)- Jon Miller, Joe Morgan
Houston at San Diego (ESPN2, 10pm)- Sean McDonough, Orestes Destrade, Candy Maldonado
Baseball Tonight (ESPN, Midnight from Bristol)- Steve Berthiaume, Eric Young, Buster Olney

“Actually adding Robert Cano up in the lineup not at the bottom is significant.”- Eric Young

That would be Robinson, EY. And so it begins. It’s raining in NY so it looks like Baseball isn’t going to get underway until around 2pm.

And here we go. ESPN is giving us FSN’s feed of the KC-DET game while New York is letting the rain die down.

No one (who’s not a Tigers fan) should have to suffer through Rod Allen’s color commentary. Clear, rain clouds in the Bronx. Clear! (Via RJBO)

The color guy from the Tigers just said, about Cabrera, “he’s never played in front of a crowd like this before.” Yeah, well, he’s probably right; the 2003 World Series wasn’t that big of a deal. (Via Anon)

Allen right on cue! Verlander is looking really good btw. Fastball is up in the mid 90s and some of the Royals’ hands are going to be hurting in this cold weather. Hey Edgar Renteria can still hit! 1-0 Tigers.

Rod Allen, about Pudge Rodriguez: “He looks in shape… put on a few pounds…looking thick….in a good way”…what???? I skip my class to see the first pitch of the last year in yankee stadium and i get this!? (Via Frigidevil)

Apparently Musberger told Orel about his rule of his color guy being required to slick back his hair. (Via Mal)

Hahahaha. Orel is looking awesome today. Looks like the Cubs game is going to get off soon….it’s still raining in New York. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd…..

POSTPONED! That’s no fun, but it looks like the Cubs-Brewers get underway at 3pm.

Here we go…..

“Now here is Tony Gwynn Senior. His dad of course the Hall of Famer.”- Brent Musburger

And The Burger wastes no time!

“Fielder gave up meat in the off season. Cattlemen everywhere are hoping he’ll go into a slump”- Brent Musburger (Via Mal)

Over/Under on Hersheisher strangling Musberger: Bottom 4th after Musberger makes his 9349309349393 retarded comment of the day. (Via Anon)

Under! And another rain delay. Boooooo.

“Roberts showed some veterness there.”- Gary Thorne

Good lord.

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