Here at AA I’ve taken pride in the ribbing that I’ve given Eli Manning over the past two years. He was dubbed unstoppable and that was basically his nickname in live-blogs, and posts. I hammered Citizen Eco for that campaign that consists of Elisha, an always injured Emeka Okafor, and some Tennis player named Nicole Viadasova.

Well it turns out that Eli’s run with the Giants is actually working out for the Citzen people, and they want to thank him. Via Sports Business Daily….

Citizen runs an ad in the sports section of today’s N.Y. Times congratulating Giants QB Eli Manning and his teammates for winning the NFC Championship. In the ad, Manning is wearing a Citizen Eco-Drive watch.

I haven’t seen the ad yet, so if you have please share your thoughts as soon as you take a gander. Congrats Eli and to the good people of Citizen that may just now be tuning in. I thought this was a great idea from the beginning, and you can email me if you have any watches you would like me to test out and promote on the site.