I give you great PR this morning on the launch of your new website, and you go and do this to me? You ungrateful bastards. If you head to that site that I posted on earlier today and go to a section called “Lunch Links” you’ll see a link to a YouTube video of T.O. dunking in the Celebrity game on Friday. You know, this video.

Well I would love for someone (perhaps Mag.com Staff) to explain how they found that video. See that specific video was placed in the “People and Blogs” section of You Tube and has the title “asdfasasdf”. It was also posted by a gentleman named “Ass Fatter” and if you hover over the link you’ll see Ass Fatter’s true identity at the bottom of your page.

There’s an ethics to linking in this here Blogosphere my good friends. Since I’m a nice guy I’m not going to take the video down and repost it, but know that I know. Oh and you might want to credit With Leather and Joe Sports Fan for finding you that Nascar item for you yesterday as well.

Lunch Links (ESPNTheMag.com)

(P.S.- Please save me the crying about not getting a link nonsense. I could care less.)