This is a small quote taken from a larger article on ESPN’s growth and fluff, but I thought it was worth noting. From the Orlando Sentinel via TSB…

Dana Jacobson was suspended by the network for getting drunk and making religious slurs at a roast with fellow ESPN personalities Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic.

“We’ve had to adapt and I’ve made one change — we’re not doing any more roasts,” said John Skipper, ESPN executive vice president of content. “The big adaptation is everybody has to be cognizant we’re in a world where there is less and less privacy. . . . You have to watch what you say unless you’re in your own home sealed in a hyperbaric chamber.”

Skipper is willing to deal with the pain as long as the network continues to grow.

Yep…all for growth. Who cares if practices alienate fans, dumbs down content, and damages credibility. As long as we’re growing, things are A-Ok! Oh and think about how much press the next roast would have got? You could have roasted Stephen A. Smith for $400 a ticket! Oh well.

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