Signal to Noise mentioned Lena Headey in the comment of the last thread. She is, in fact, amazing, but I’m not sure she can save this new Terminator show. It doesn’t look, how do they say, “good”.

Good start to the second half: Tampa Bay turns it over on the kickoff, and New York picks up right where they left off.

Eli rolls out, avoids pressure, and makes his first mistake in awhile, missing Boss in the end zone. The ball is tipped and almost intercepted. Next play, screen to Jacobs, first down. They haven’t done a lot on the ground with Jacobs, but he’s had a couple of big receptions thus far, including the first touchdown.
Missed the specifics of the last series – the baby started fussing and my wife apparently forgot that I had a prior commitment. Don’t get married, kids! Anyway, the Giants take it down to the goal line but can’t put it in the end zone, leaving it up to Lawrence Tynes to put points on the board. The field goal is up, and it is good.

New York 17, Tampa Bay 7

I can’t wait for Cloverfield. – JD

Yeah, looks pretty good (how’s that for analysis?)

Garcia picked in the end zone – way to kill that promising drive. Why aren’t they using Graham more to set up Garcia, instead of the other way around?

You commenters are brutal re: Garcia, and I love you for it.

Okay, so I’ve missed most of the third quarter – you, the commenters, are manly men for the sheer wit and wisdom of your responses in my absence.

I’m thinking that Joe Buck doesn’t actually like sports. He likes the life — he learned that from his dad, and he can recite from his notes with the best of them (and then some), but I don’t think he actually likes sports (the game on the field). He got into this because it was the family business. – newmexiken

Interesting thought. Actually, that’s not far from the way I tend to view sports – love the history and factual stuff, but don’t often sit and just watch a game. (Did I just compare myself to Joe Buck?)

If it’s a penalty for Pax, the it’s a penalty for Moss, but the NFL has let Moss get away with the same thing for the entire season. – pm

Actually, Moss did get called for offensive interference a few times this season. Burress actually got away with one last week against the Patriots, in the end zone. I think everyone but Peter King saw him push Ellis Hobbs. The problem isn’t with Moss getting away with it, it’s with virtually every receiver getting away with it.

Third quarter is over, by the way, and the Giants are trying to get Ahmad Bradshaw moving on the ground to chew up some clock. The two basic plays at this point are a Bradshaw run and an underthrown pass from Eli.

So Joe Buck=fredo? – sam

First Eli Manning, then Jeff Garcia, now Joe Buck. NO ONE IS SAFE TODAY!

First-and-goal for the Giants, under ten minutes on the clock. Huge series of plays for the Bucs – a field goal here keeps it a two touchdown game, and they can’t really afford to go down three scores with seven-ish minutes to play.

And, seconds after I write that, Amani Toomer catches the touchdown pass from Eli. I’m not quite ready to write, “It’s over” in my notebook, but it’s getting close.

New York 24, Tampa Bay 7

Tampa Bay’s diagnosis of Amani Toomer: not benign in any way. – Signal to Noise
-1 to S2N for the groaner pun of the day. – pm

I came thisclose to writing Amani “It’s Not A” Toomer. Pray for me. Pray for all of us.

“Eli Manning, one of the biggest days of his young career.” – Buck

When exactly does a career get to the point where you can’t refer to it as “young” anymore? I mean, it’s Eli’s fourth season. He’s 27. Does that really still qualify as young, or am I wrong?

Tampa Bay needs to go downfield for a quick score if they want a chance in this game. Bring on Gradkowski!

I have no idea if Gradkowski actually has a strong arm or not. I just really wanted to type, “Bring on Gradkowski”.

How many Bill Parcells Coors Light commercials does the world really need? It seems like there are a million of them out there.

Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but now that you notice it it will torment your enjoyment of any broadcast featuring Troy. He doesn’t speak in sentences, he speaks in clauses. His conjunction of abuse is criminal.

example: “Yeah, I don’t want to overstate this drive by any means Joe, BUT y’know that’s a heck of a job right there by Eli Manning AS you said directing this drive, getting them down here into a position to throw the touchdown pass AND you know, who knows, whatever happens BUT we may be looking back at some point and time on this drive for Eli Manning and say, “You know what? that’s when he really grew up.”

I can’t say anything about this. I sometimes with the word “but” had never been invented.

Touchdown, Bucs.

New York 24, Tampa Bay 14

If the game clock wasn’t down to the 3:25, I’d say that this isn’t over. Unfortunately, I’m not sure the Bucs have anyone who is a threat to score quickly, even if they recover an onsides kick.

“Too bad U2 didn’t sing a song called, “It’s A Humid Day.” – Buck

WHAT? 57% humidity is cause for alarm? I find that to be as stupid as anything Joe Buck has ever said.

Oh, and good call not to onside kick there, Gruden. You can always try to hold ’em and score again in the fifth quarter. What’s that? There is no fifth quarter? Well then, I’m afraid you’re screwed.

Why, why, why are we still comparing Eli Manning to Peyton. Guess what, Joe Buck? Eli will never be as good as Peyton! Peyton, like him or not, is going to end up as one of the top three quarterbacks ever. Eli might, if he’s lucky, make a couple of Pro Bowls. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.

Troy Aikman is leading the league in flip-flops today. Three minutes ago: “Good call, he was out of bounds,” even though there someone on the sidelines walked in front of the camera and you couldn’t see where McQuarters landed. Now, “That’s an interception.” Troy should run for president.

Barring a miracle for Tampa Bay, this one’s over. Thanks everyone for reading, and be sure to join Signal to Noise for the upcoming Chargers-Titans games.

Final Score: New York Giants 24, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14

Final Note: Joe Buck just referred to Jeff Feagles as “the wily veteran.”

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