Philip and NORV! are probably going to need one of these by halftime.

Hi folks. Here’s an open thread for Bolts-Colts, as you watch the douchebag Philip Rivers, LDT, and the greatness that is NORV! take on Peyton & Co. in the RCA Dome. (I think I’ve already made it very clear who I’m pulling for.) Your announcers today are the CBS 2nd team: Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf; while much more tolerable than Nantz and Simms, they are capable of doozies and some nice cliches.

Things worth counting/drinking to, if you are so inclined:
1) NORV! Face
2) Manning Face
3) LDT stewing in the corner of the Chargers bench
4) Peyton ads during the game
5) Mentions of Shawne Merriman’s size without noting his roid use

I’ll be around in the comments and I’ll see you for the Giants-Cowboys live blog. Also, enjoy this fine animated parody of the Manning ads with the douchebag Rivers. (Hat tip to KSK’s Christmas Ape.)