Athletes have some crazy sponsorships (see: Lebron and Lawn Mowers), but this one is by far the biggest stretch. A company called 24-Hour Fitness is giving New York three…count em…three Derek Jeter themed gyms….

Tapping the shortstop as its pitchman, 24 Hour Fitness plans to open three Jeter-styled gyms starting in June. Jeter will do more than lend his name to the building. He will be an equity partner and is also involved in designing the clubs….

Just don’t expect Jeter to decorate his clubs with Yankees memorabilia and pinstripes. The sports star, who will appear in the advertising and make promotional appearances, said he wants to broaden the appeal beyond baseball fans.

“I play baseball and that’s my career, but a workout facility is for everyone,” Jeter said in an interview. “I wanted to steer clear a little bit of the baseball element and make it more of a lifestyle club.”

Ah lifestyle club eh? I’m pretty sure that’s a fancy term for a Spa but okay. The best part of this story though isn’t even the Jeter part. Derek is amazingly the sixth sports star to get a fitness center in his name. Yao Ming, Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson, Lance Armstrong and Andre Agassi all have similar deals with the company.

Do you think the Shaq one requires you to wear a suit inside and just sit on a bench for a few hours?

Jeter Brings It Home With Fitness Centers (NY Post)

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