Neil Best of Newsday has been all over this for the past few weeks, but it’s finally official. Stephen A. Smith has a new one-year deal with the “Leader” and his radio show ending is part of the deal. Here are his thoughts via Newsday…

Stephen A. Smith has lost his television show, his newspaper column and his radio show in the past 15 months. But on Friday, he did not sound like a man sweating career setbacks.

“I am relieved, because it will be a lot less crazy,” he said by phone from Bristol, Conn. “But I’m still going to have multiple jobs.”

By that he meant contributing in multiple ways at ESPN, including its Web site. But his announcement that Thursday’s show would be his last signaled that his focus mostly will be TV, where he is best known as an NBA analyst.

“I have learned to love doing radio, but I don’t love it as much as I love TV,” he said. “I had to jump at the opportunity. It was their call to pick one or the other. Knowing me, I would have picked both.”

Well at least you’re rid of him on the radio NYC right? The bad news??? You’ll have to deal with another head case (or druggie rather) on SNY in the coming months. None other than Daryl Strawberry will be an in-studio analyst for Met games. Via Newsday again…

Strawberry works for the Mets and will appear on SNY. “Can you imagine me on television commenting about the game? Of course. They asked me if I was going to criticize players. Of course not. I’m a former player.

And you wonder why I always get up in arms when networks hire coaches and players to be analysts. At least Straw is honest about it.

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