Kansas vs. Memphis
9:21 PM ET, April 7, 2008
Alamodome, San Antonio, TX (CBS)
Announcers: Jim Nantz and Bill Packer
Spread: Memphis -2, O/U 148

The Championship is finally upon us after a month of madness, and this matchup should be great one. Both teams love to run and this game could ultimately get up into the 80s if each team’s stars are on their game tonight. Should be fun. I’ll see you around 9pm tonight for the open thread. Feel free to leave your predictions and thoughts in the comments below.

AA’s Picks- Memphis -2, MVP: CDR, Final Score: Memphis 78-Kansas 72

While you’re waiting for the game to start feel free to create a caption for the Photo of the Day……

Picks via Anon….

John Clayton-Memphis
John Kruk-Memphis
J.A. Adande-Kansas
Buster Olney-Memphis
Hubert Davis-Kansas
Dick Vitale-Memphis
Bob Knight-Memphis
Digger Phelps-Memphis
Jay Bilas-Kansas

Strange exchange on the ESPN pregame show. They’re talking about defense, so Knight starts waxing poetic about defending the Alamo, and he wraps up by saying, “They played 13 days of defense; they only need 40 minutes.” (Via WM)

Thank god Larry Brown is there. We needed another Coach to talk about….well coaching.

“I’ve written all kinds of stuff that I posted in the locker room.”- Bob Knight

Hahaha….that’s too funny.

“Can I play for you?”- Dick Vitale
“No.”- Bob Knight

“Can we get back in this century please?!”- Jay Bilas

“I think will decide it is what you have on card number 732 here, and that’s protecting the ball.”- Jay Bilas

Man he is testy today.

“My game changer is going to be defense.”- Bob Knight

Ummm….it was supposed to be a person, but okay. Wow and Shelley Smith just completely botched that live piece. Hilarious.

“A confluence of dreams and hopes and ultimately a Championship!”- Jim Nantz

Yeah that wasn’t prepared at all. Hello friends!

At least they played the National Anthem…20 minutes before tip-off and during Two And A Half Men. (Via Anon)

Gotta love it and the CBS Studio Team is still in NYC. Good move CBS.

“They’ve been salivating all Tournament long and Pavlov just rang the bell again.”- Greg Gumbel on Davis and Kellogg

Sam Ryan is just downright gorgeous. So the WKU buzzer beater was the Pontiac game changing performance and it got them a $100K contract. Being a Pontiac owner I can safely say that they could have afforded more.

Oooh I like the signatures during the player introductions. Nice touch CBS.

Here we go…..Memphis gets the tip and Dorsey hits the first shot of the game and then Rush gets blasted by Anderson. Good foul though as Rush hits one out of two.

Having Nantz announce the lineups is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever seen. It all but kills any excitement for the game. (Via Anon)

Agreed. It would probably be cool with any other announcer though. Well besides Joe Buck. Rose….and one. 9-3 Memphis early. Hi Shelley Smith! Are you ready for your spotlight???

And that’s our first TV Timeout. Pretty crazy pace in the early going. Memphis with the “Dolly Parton” early. Shaka Kaun….Shaka Kaun, Shaka Kaun, Shaka Kaun….on the oop.

Why in the holy hell is Ed Hightower officiating the national title game? (Via Matt)

That’s a good question. I think the NCAAs have a system where the top rated officials in each round go on to the next. I could be wrong though. CDR hits a circus shot and Memphis is back up by two. Taggart picks up two quick fouls and he’s heading back to the bench. We’re tied again at the under 12.

“Memphis, with the big lead of 6, but we’re tied.”- Jim Nantz (Via Andrew)

“He gave him a little lingo.”- Billy Packer after Dorsey’s dunk

Dozier hits a three after another Kansas run and the KU lead is 3 at the under eight TV timeout. Intense game.

“They said it was impossible for all four number one seeds to make the Final Four but they also said it was impossible to get real Coke taste and zero calories.”- Jim Nantz

Roy Williams is a traitor (Traitor! Traitor!) and wearing a KU button. And CDR hits a three to give Memphis the lead again after an amazing Dorsey block. Collins hits a tough floater and we’re tied again. Dorsey is arguing a call and just gave up on defense there. Not a heady play. 5 minutes left.

CDR again! He’s got thirteen and we’re tied….again.

Roy Williams is like the guy who gets married but keeps showing up at his ex-girlfriend’s workplace. (Via Thermocaster)

“Where is Derek Rose?”- Jim Nantz

Good point. He hasn’t taken a shot in forever and has about four turnovers at this point. 3 point Kansas lead with 1:43 to go. Really bad offensive set by Memphis at the end of the half and they’re down 5 at the half.

33-28. So much for the high scoring affair that I predicted.

And we’re baaaaack! Band shot….drink. Memphis gets the ball to start the 2nd half. And just like that we’re tied.

“He’s like the quiet assassin.”- Billy Packer

As opposed to the loud one? Also, can someone explain to me what Joey Dorsey is doing? He’s playing like an idiot right now. Kansas by one at the under 16 TV timeout. Crazy start to the half.

You know, for everything else wrong about him, Billy Packer really does do a great job of quickly getting away from the different promos that Nantz reads, which all too often Nantz seems to be too excited about. (Via Willmott)

I agree but he’s also not calling out Joey Dorsey for acting like a g’damn idiot this game. Everyone can see he’s loafing and pouting every play and they haven’t mentioned it once.

“I’m going to start giving some credit to the Kansas defenders.”- Billy Packer

Yeah they’re holding Rose to nothing….you think you should? Rush looks good and should probably be getting more touches. Kansas breaks out the Box and 1 and Packer is all over it…..about three trips down the floor too late.

“Both coaches met their wives in, of all places, Lawrence, Kansas.”- Jim Nantz (Via Mal)

Wow. Way to just insult every Kansan in one comment. Also, here’s your turning point. Kansas decides to switch to the box and one with 8 minutes left, leaving Memphis with the open threes they haven’t seen all game. Tigers up two.

Rose is heating up….forget that. He’s heated. 12, 5, and 7 right now.

Kansas is shooting 3’s tonight about as good as Chuck shoots tiny hoops. Chuck – he’s such an idiot. (Via Mal)

Hahahaha….now that’s funny.

“He’s so much more effective with no screens.”- Billy Packer as Rose bricks a shot

Okay, Billy I take it back. In the open court Rose drives and gets the and one on a circus shot. The kid is taking over.

Memphis really does have the ugliest band in America. I need some eye bleach and a picture of the UCLA cheerleaders after seeing that group. (Via Thermocaster)

I know and they only show them. Is Kansas’ band not there? Hack a Memphis is in play with Kansas down seven with 2 minutes left. Dozier to the line.

“Bangs them both. Nine point bulge now.”- Jim Nantz

“That’s the worst shot you can take in Basketball at this time. One foot out and you’ve got a three.”- Billy Packer

Okaaaaay. There’s two minutes left and you’re putting arugably the worst free throw shooting team in America on the line. Now Billy is asking for a three down six with 1:30 left. I would hate for him to be the coach of my team.

Kansas fouling technique works and after a CDR miss they cut it to two. Here we go. No fouling now.

Wow….wow. That should/could have been a technical. I never knew that it mattered who you were mad at when spiking the ball Billy Packer.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OT! Super Nintendo Chalmers!!!!

Kansas is up two early on a B Rush layup and Arthur throws an oop down. They do that play about 10 times a game. An Anderson missed three and KU has this in control with 3 left.

I can’t even keep up and enjoy the game so everyone just watch and we’ll sort this out afterwards with videos and comments. Amazing.


Dammit….can’t believe I didn’t think of that one!!!! Chalmers is your MOP and I’ll start getting the videos up soon. Awesome end of the game.

“Rock, Chalk, Championship Jayhawks!” (Via SS Reporters)


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