I never even knew this feature existed on the Peacock.com, but after today’s entry I am in full support of it. Your whiner of the week is Joe Morgan and his whine is about today’s MLB All Star Game…

Joe Morgan is our choice as Whiner of the Week for being the latest geezer to belabor the younger generation for not being as swell as his own. Specifically, when he was a ballplayer, the All-Star Game was way better than it is now. The players really wanted to win and the ratings were higher and the hot dogs probably tasted better. At least that’s the way Morgan sees it.

“Part of the reason the game doesn’t bring that energy is it’s a different game now. Now it’s considered an exhibition, whereas before it was considered life and death,” Morgan whimpered to reporters during a conference call in which he was supposed to be plugging the game for ESPN.

I think it’s great when entities like NBC just now learn what Joe is all about. It’s cute. I figured out that was Joe’s M.O. when I was in Middle School (Geesh, kids these days…I remember what it was REALLY like!). Good stuff NBC….I’ll be watching.

Whine Of The Week (NBC Sports)

(Thanks to JS for the link)

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