Hey what better time to unveil then the day after the previous Super Bowl. This is the logo for Super Bowl 43 and it really looks like my cousin drew it in a coloring book. Via SBD….

The NFL tonight will debut the official logo of Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa as part of an on-air promotional announcement highlighting NBC’s coverage of the game. The logo features an abstract representation of Raymond James Stadium, with a star on each side of the logo representing the AFC and NFC. It will be the first official Super Bowl logo to use the color green, with blue and green hues designed to reflect the natural elements of Tampa Bay.

Natural elements of Tampa? The where are the drunk NASCAR Fans and strippers??? I kid I kid. Hopefully I can make it back to Tampa (one of my six Spring Break’s was spent there…or in Ybor actually, but close enough) for next year’s SB.

In all actuality the should have put some cannons or something on that logo. Make it a true representation of Ray James Stadium.