Following the heels of the widely successful (sarcasm folks) look into Sports Media, Bob Costas is going to host another panel, but this time on the state of Horse Racing. This time the panel is going to take place before NBC kicks of it’s coverage of the Preakness this Saturday.

Fresh off his sports media roundtable on blogs for HBO, Bob Costas will kick off the network’s coverage of the Preakness Stakes (Saturday, 4:30-6:30 p.m. ET) with a panel discussion on the filly’s catastrophic breakdown and other controversies surrounding Thoroughbred horse racing, says producer Sam Flood.

Among the guests: Churchill Downs veterinarian Larry Bramlage; Eight Belles trainer Larry Jones; NBC analyst Gary Stevens; and New York Times columnist William Rhoden, who blasted the sport of kings as “only a couple of steps removed from animal fighting.”

I guess NBC feels it should take the time to address Eight Belles after all of the controversy surrounding the coverage of Eight Belles collapse, and that’s probably a good decision. The panel seems qualified and even on both sides to address the issue of airing the animal’s death and it should be a good discussion.

Costas panel to dissect horse racing’s dark side (USA Today)

In other Horse Racing news, HBO’s Real Sports debuted this past Monday with an extremely detailed and informative look into the Sport. I pulled the clip for everyone to view, but I have to warn you ahead of time that it’s extremely depressing and graphic. It was a trainwreck type situation for me in that I never wanted to see these images, but I couldn’t look away. There are parts that detail how the horses are destroyed and the process that some individuals go through to save them.

In true Real Sports fashion it’s a great story, but again very very very graphic and depressing. Choose whether you want to watch it wisely…..