This is actually via NBC, so I’m not sure if I entirely believe it, but they have evidently proven me wrong. I had them coming up short of their break even mark ($1 Billion) for months now but they seemed to have reached and passed their lofty goal….

NBC Olympics has surpassed $1 billion in advertising for the Beijing Olympic Games. The announcement was made today by Seth Winter, SVP Sales & Marketing, NBC Sports & Olympics.

“We’ve always said that the Olympics is one of the most powerful properties in all of television,” said Winter. “While we are thrilled with this milestone, we still expect to write more business as the Games begin and great stories continue to evolve.”

NBCU’s Olympic sales received a boost from its primetime coverage of the U.S. Olympics Trials for Swimming, Gymnastics and Track & Field, which saw ratings increases over 2004 and featured buzzworthy performances from marquee athletes such as Michael Phelps, Dara Torres, Tyson Gay and Shawn Johnson. Advertisers also have noted the recent stellar ratings for the U.S. Open and Wimbledon on NBC, as well as the Super Bowl.

With the help of a John McCain campaign to best Obama and the addition of primetime coverage for popular Sports like Swimming, NBC is back in the black. All the big ones will be there (Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Kodak, VISA, Nike, Google) and don’t forget those fancy Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor ads either. I hope the $750K turns out to be worth it.

(Via NBC PR)

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