Who: L.A. Lakers at Boston Celtics
What: Game Six of the NBA Finals
Where: TD Banknorth Garden- Boston, Massachusetts
When: 9pm (ABC)
Why: So Joey Crawford can force a Game Seven for the NBA or The NBA Championship
Spread: Celtics -5, O/U 191

The Celtics have shot number two at the Championship and this time it’s at home. Is it banner number seventeen or a game seven on Thursday night? Predictions and thoughts in the comments and I’ll see you later on. Until then enjoy my favorite photo of the Finals so far…..

AVP: Alien vs. Predator


And we’re live from Boston, Massachusetts! Dwyane Wade is your guest studio host and he’s about as exciting as watching the grass grow.

“If you remember when [Doc] was in Los Angeles, he had Tracy McGrady but never had Grant Hill.”- Stephen A. Smith (Via Luis)

That’s random. Sorry I missed that one.

My prediction: Jon Barry makes the observation that in Game 6’s, the team which scores the most points wins 60% of the time. That, and I think the Lakers win by 4. (Via Mike T)

Jon Barry is a Basketball genius even though he averaged something like 4.3 ppg in his career. Don’t you forget that!

Wade is the best they could do? He was hurt more than anything this season. Where is LeBron James? Where is Mano Ginobli? Where is Charles Freaking Barkley? (Via Rdmblog)

Yeah that’s a weird choice. TNT goes to him a lot as well for some reason. I think he’s a great player, but is boring as hell on TV.

“Coming up Jon Barry explains why he is one of the keys to Game Six for the Lakers.”- Stuart Scott

Oh man….this is going to be good.

Paula Cole? Was Yoko Ono busy? (Via Heef)

Seriously. Man I’ve got goosebumps for this intro. Something special is going down tonight. Hahaha Kobe just broke out the devil horns for ACDC!

“The Lakers don’t have a good matchup to start the game with Radmonovic [on Pierce]- Jeff Van Gundy

Why do they even play him? He gets used on defense and up until last game he did nothing on offense. Bill Russell is on hand along with Jo Jo, ML Carr, Ced Max, and Hondo. Good stuff. Lakers get the tip and we’re underway….already a foul on K-Perk. Kobe hits a jumper to start LA’s scoring. Ooooh and an early questionable call by Crawford. Pierce called for the block as Fisher bowls him over.

Rondo is off early but he gets a steal…..ALLEN FOR THREE! 4-3 Lakers. Odom is off and Allen draws a foul. He’ll head to the line.

Charles, Kenny, and E.J. on with Leno tonight. Don Rickles also scheduled tonight. Can only imagine Rickles and Barkley on the couch at the same time. (Via Jeff The Web Guy)

Good reminder. Allen hits both and the Celtics lead. Kobe responds with a three though. Rondo is off again but he’s hustling tonight….he gets a loose ball and gets fouled. Make, Make. Bryant again for three….uh oh. Pierce is off while trying to draw a foul. Steal…and a defensive three seconds. Allen hits.

“How do you break a windshield on a plane?”- Jeff Van Gundy

Rondo misses yet again but so does Odom and Garnett ties it up. Rondo….miss. Gasol has Pierce on him but fades away for some reason…brick. Slow it down people….this pace is killing me. Kobe turns it over….AND RONDO FINALLY HITS! Two point Celtics lead. KOBE WITH ANOTHER THREE! Good lord…..finally a timeout….

13-12 Boston with 5:07 left in the first

“He’s the best player in the planet…on the world…”- Jeff Van Gundy (Via The Fourth)

Boston has celebrities too!

“Steven Tyler, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him at an NBA game.”- Mike Breen

“He [Kobe} has to put the kids to bed and he’s certainly done that.”- Mark Jackson

Huh? I’m confused. Fisher misses a three and Allen drops in a layup. Ray is hurt and got poked in the eye by Odom. He mugged him on that drive.

Lamar Odom with the Three Stooges defense. (Via Moe)

We’re tied after Odom makes a free throw but Garnett breaks it with a jumper. They’re letting them play as the trio points out. Walton gets two and then gets to the line on another possession. Lakers up two. Garnett hits and we’re tied…again. Gasol is off and Brown rebounds. Garnett with the fadeaway and he’s on tonight. Timeout Lakers….

20-18 Boston, 2:40 left

Can’t wait to see Ira Newble on the second quarter tonight!!!! (Via Nabucodonozor)

Ooooh….PBJs for everyone! Pierce misses a layup after a nice drive and JVG nicknaming KG, The Big Loaf. Both teams miss and Farmar dribbles the ball of his butt out of bounds. ALLEY OOP! BROWN TO GARNETT!!! That could have been what KG was diagramming in the timeout on the dry erase board. Farmar misses but Posey throws it away. Rondo steals….no….foul called. That was a weak call. Farmar to the line….Make, Make. Boston leads by two 48 secs left….

Pierce…bang. Celts up four and get the two for one. Kobe misses a deep three. Celts get the last possession…..Pierce schools Walton but they had a foul to give and Luke gives it. Powe misses at the buzzer and that’s the quarter.

24-20 Celtics after one

“It was a misunderstanding…I think Gasol was inviting Brown to the Opera.”- Jeff Van Gundy (Via Steve)


What’s the non sequiter of the day to come from Van Gundy? I’m guessing it has something to do with Aerosmith curing childhood obesity. (Via Mike T)

Good guess.

Am I the only one that made a PB+J after the KG segment? (The Fourth)

I wish I had one. Glen Davis comes in and the crowd goes nuts and the second is underway. A weak foul is called on Powe as he guards Kobe. Machine hits jumper! House answers with his own and Odom gets to the line on the other end.

Crawford T’s up Doc and we’re getting a little testy…..TESTIS? TESTIS? One, Two…Three??? Sorry….Pierce hits a nice three and the Beat LA chant picks up. Powe is off and the Celts lead stays at five. Odom to the line again. Boston’s big men are getting into a bit of foul trouble. Make, Make. Powe with the lay in. Great pass from Pierce. Kobe misses a three and Farmar is called for a foul….

31-26 Celtics with 8:23 left

Michele says that Ray Allen hasn’t come out of the Locker Room yet. Good report since EVERYONE KNOWS HE HASN’T! Sorry, I have an irrational hatred for her. Pierce hits two throws and the lead is six. Gasol hits a two (finally) but Posey is fouled on the other end. POSEY HITS A THREE! Boston is dominating the offensive glass.

Steal by Big Baby….HOUSE FOR THREE!!!! Timeout Lakers and the Garden is rocking…

38-29 Celtics with 6:25 left

Doc Rivers, you have been chosen to play Opportunity Knocks! All you gotta do is pretend to coach and you win a title! (Via Steve)

Hahahaha. That’s a winner.

I’m pretty sure that after Game 5’s Chris Mihm’s fiasco, poor Chris is comfortably wearing his yellow CROCS by the bench. (Via Nabucodonozor)

He better be for the Lakers sake. Kobe is waaaaay short on a contested jumper.

“Still back here by the Celtics locker room. AHH here he is!”- Michele Tafoya

THIS is why we need sideline reporters! (via Anon)

Here comes Ray! Celtics win the tip and Fisher ends up in the camera well again. House actually got fouled on that play which I didn’t see but he hits both and the lead is 11. Kobe gets ripped…..POSEY!!!!!!!! BANG!!!! Fourteen point lead. Timeout LA!

Gasol hits two free throws and we’re under five minutes. Garnett with the fade…off. Garnett then almost gets a steal and dives on the court….love that. Ray is back in and Gasol hits again. He’s using Davis…Garnett hits again and Rad briiiiiicks a three. Horrible shot. Radmonovic fouls Pierce on the inbounds and he’s looking for a one way ticket to the bench. The Celts are getting every board tonight.

47-34 Boston, 3 minutes left

One way to stop Kobe? Play some freaking defense. The rest of the league needs to learn that. How many times did he waltz to the bucket during the western conference playoffs? Every series, unscathed. Look at him now. He’s no Jordan. He’s more like Gordon. (Via Rdmblog)

Oooh…good analysis there. Kobe is acting like the basket has herpes or something. He wants no part of it. Pierce hits the first….and the second. Rondo with another steal! He’s everywhere….Perkins throws it away when he should have shot. Farmar gets to the line. Miss, Make. 14 point lead. Garnett with the “Dream Shake” and that’s another two….7-10 from the field. Odom misses…..Rondo with a great fake and floater and this is becoming a blow out. Steal! OH MY GOD!!!!! KG WITH AN AMAZING AND ONE!!

How did he do that?! And he hits the throw….the lead is 21. 45 secs left….Odom gets stuffed by Perkins! Perkins from Garnett!!!! Wow. Kobe misses and that’s the half. What a second quarter….the Celtics finish on a 26-6 run.

58-35 at the half

Wow… that play byGarnett almost made me dump my laptop… I was as excited as the Celtics bench… following what hch said… the Lakers bench has been like that ALL series… totally disinterested. (Via Anon)

Now THAT’S the Garnett I’ve always wanted to see in the postseason. (Via Steve)

The third is underway and bear with me while I catch up after pulling that Garnett video (it’s loading). Allen hits a three and the lead is 27.

Wilbon just said the Lakers need to go small with Kobe, Fisher, Machine, Farmar, and Turiaf… and then grab rebounds. Please tell me I’m missing something? (Via Zak)

Yeah I heard that too…I thought he was gonna say jack some threes.

Did they put dwyane on the set just because he sponsors T-Mobile? (Via Anon)

Not sure but that’s a good catch. Gasol gets an oop and the lead is 24. Pierce follows with a nice layup though. Radmonovic finally hits and the lead is 23….wait, 25. Rondo and one. Nice drive there. Fisher hits and can someone tell me where the hell Kobe is? I know he’s on the court but he is a non-factor. Rondo with ANOTHER steal and Allen hits a three! Just pouring it on now.

There’s Kobe…nice play on the inbounds with one on the shot clock. Garnett is fouled at the other end and he’ll head to the line.

“Hondo lovin’ what Rondo’s doin’.”- Mark Jackson

Garnett hits both and Kobe misses again. Garnett to the line….again. I sense a theme here. Make, Make. And Kupchak is yawning in the stands. Not a good sign. Another steal for the Celtics and a timeout…..

77-48 with 6:11 left….CUE THE BOSTON!

Why the hell is Kobe Bryant, a 1st Team All-Defensive Team selection, guarding the offensively inept Rajon Rondo, while the Radmanovic, a stiff on defense guards Paul Pierce… baffling. (Via Anon)

Remember this is the coach that put in Chris Mihm last game. Kobe misses….again. Odom grabs a Garnett miss but Garnett forces a jump ball at the other end. He then beats his chest to the crowd. Rad drains a three and the lead is just 28! Rondo gets a tip and Kobe finally gets a layup.

I’m rather upset that JVG hasn’t gone on one of his famous tangents yet. Come on Jeff! Paul Pierce hits a pair of threes and the lead is 31….31! 4 minutes left in the third. I’m just waiting for the Lamar Odom cheap shot at this point. Radmonovic doesn’t even care and he’s just jacking threes.

84-54 with 2:57 left in the third

Wow. Rondo with another steal….

“Someone call 911, Rondo has just picked the pocket of Kobe Bryant.”- Mark Jackson

If you want the Lakers’ NBA Finals in a nutshell, I think it was that “post up” by Pau Gasol. (Via Anon)

I questioned the trade when it went down but he proved me wrong throughout the Playoffs until the Finals. The guy has played scared the entire Series. Kobe gets to the line and somehow has 22 points. You wouldn’t know it by watching him. The lead is down to 25…under a minute to play. Rondo with another two. Kobe is swatted by PJ Brown and that about sums up the Lakers day. PJ hits a jumper for good measure. Kobe misses at the buzzer…..

89-60 Celtics after three

PJ Brown PWNS Kobe Bryant right there… Can we skip the 4th quarter so I can go to bed? Please? (Via Anon)

I’m pretty sure every state but Massachusetts is saying that right about now. Machine hits three and Rondo misses. Machine turn ball over and Rondo is fouled hard by Farmar….intentional. Flagrant one.

What do they do with the champagne from Sunday night? You know they had some in LA in case the Celtics won. Do they fly it out to Boston or just buy more? If they buy more, what happens to the stuff in LA? Do they give it away to Lakers office staff? Who supplies the champagne anyway, the home team, the winning team, the league? I wonder how champagne goes with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Anyone else looking forward to a dopey Scalabrine wearing swim goggles on the bench at the end of the 4th? (Via Pete)

Whoa that was a lot of questions…..I actually almost bid on a game used Scalabrine jersey today. $350 though so I passed.

Javon Walker used the champagne from Sunday night. (Via Anon)

TOO SOON! Farmar hits and the lead is 27. Ray Allen…..DAGGER! AND AGAIN!

101-70….this is like a ten minute victory lap.

Somehwere, Shaq is still smiling. (Via Steve)

“Where is Kobe?” in the background. Shades of “Where is Roger?” from the ’99 ALCS. (Via DanteSheppard)

Anyone know where Jeff Van Gundy went? I haven’t heard him talk in the past quarter and a half. RAY AGAIN! This is just embarrassing. 36 point lead! Insane. Good move by Odom for two. Garnett pulls down another O-reb. I don’t think the Lakers have one of those tonight.

Farmar hits a three but Posey answers….and Garnett swats Odom. Hey Trevor Ariza!!!! Nice dunk. WE WANT MIHM! WE WANT MIHM!!!! Ray Allen again!!! Garnett blocks an Odom dunk and he’s not happy. That was not a foul. HAHA…KG points to the screen. Love him.

Does the NBA have a mercy rule? (Via Michael)

“Who was throwing bricks at local cars?” ABC NY7 News Commercial
“Kobe Bryant?” – Me (Via Zak)

My vote for Finals MVP goes to Kevin McHale. (Via Ivan)

The Na-Na-Na Hey Hey chant kicks in and Boston is starting to celebrate. The Big Three comes out and that’s just a great ovation. Powe with a dunk and Kobe misses a three. 3 minutes or so left. POSEY HITS! 123 POINTS!!! 38 point lead.

F**k, put a jersey on Russell, Jo Jo, Heinsohn, Maxwell, and Havlicek (Via Boston Barry)

YES A WNBA COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you NBA!

2:21 left to go and Garnett is crying on the sidelines. This is awesome. Odom is still playing tough as hell though. SE-VEN-TEEN! SE-VEN-TEEN!

“Come on mother (bleep)!”- Kevin Garnett


Okay that’s enough….1 minute left. Machine hits three and gets hit in the face. That about sums it up. Doc gets the gatorade shower and now the fun begins!

3,2,1 (God I hate the city of Boston)…..CONGRATULATIONS CELTICS THE 2007-2008 NBA CHAMPIONS!!!!

FINAL 131-92

(Videos and reax to follow)

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