Who: Boston Celtics at L.A. Lakers
What: Game Five of the NBA Finals
Where: Staples Center- Los Angeles, California
When: 9pm (ABC)
Why: So Kobe can go for 60 trying to save face but still lose the NBA Championship
Spread: Lakers -7, O/U 192

This could be it people. The Celtics have three chances at the trophy and their first shot is tonight. Leave your predictions and thoughts in the comments and I’ll see you when the U.S. Open finishes up.

Hey Bill Walton is with the studio team! Good to have you back Big Red….that means you can get rid of Jon Barry and/or Mike Wilbon right? Okay we’re underway. Bavetta calls a travel on Pierce when he clearly dribbled and Gasol puts in two. Kobe follows with a three.

Man… after that Open finish, i’m not sure i can take any more excitment… luckily, this is the 2008 NBA finals, not the 1984 NBA Finals… (Via Anon)

Jon Barry is that child who interrupts the adults with his “watch me, watch me” sing-song whilst the grown-ups discuss items of importance. He is now fully channeling Tom Tolbert. (Via MikeT)

Wow…Derek Fisher just went head first into the camera on the baseline….

“Hey Mike you don’t have to dodge! He’s not coming after you, that’s a RE-PLAY. You’ve been in TV a lot, a long time.”- Jeff Van Gundy
“Are you kidding me Mike? You’re better than that.”- Mark Jackson

Garnett gets Boston on the board but Fisher hits a three. And Kobe hits a nice turnaround to put the lead at eight. Garnett again for two…all jumpers though. A couple of great offensive rebounds by Rondo but he passed on a wide open layup. Bad decision. Foul on Bryant and Rondo knocks down one at the line. Gasol gets an and one after a close miss and Powe doesn’t have the height to guard him down there. Bryant hits a three and that’s a Boston timeout.

18-6 with 6:36 left in the first

Eddie House hits a three but Kobe drains another three. He’s got 14 points just over halfway through the first. Ray Allen hits a wide open three and apparently we’re only shooting jumpers tonight. Nine point lead. Kobe gets an offensive board and gets to the line.

“Do you need to chant M-V-P after a guy’s already won it?”- Jeff Van Gundy

Ha. Good question JVG. Fisher gets two and House misses a three. Kobe with a beautiful pass to Rad and the Lakers lead is 14…make that 16…Odom with the layup. Another Doc timeout.

“Celtics have them right where they want them.”- Mike Breen

31-15 with 2 minutes left.

ABC pulling out the Thriller music already. (Via DearLordMikeBreen

I thoroughly enjoyed that. Garnett gets a hook to fall and Walton misses (MOLE!). Garnett again and the lead is twelve, but he picks up his second foul already.

And there’s Kobe commenting on his vast college experience again comparing this Game 5 as his Elite 8. Tool. (Via Steve)

MACHINE DUNK! Farmar then hits after a pair of Pierce free throws…sixteen point lead. Pierce to the line again. Miss. Make. 17 seconds left. Goaltending on PJ Brown and that’s the quarter…

39-22 Lakers after one.

HOLY S**T! Chris Mihm is on the floor?!?! Wow. I guess now is as good a time as any to put in him. What do they have to lose? Lakers still up 16 after a Machine jumper. Pierce to the line again. He misses yet another free throw though. Mihm airballs a hook shot and it might be time to put in Turiaf. Pierce gets a layup to fall and Allen steals the inbounds. Nice play and a dunk to follow! Eleven point lead and Phil Jackson calls a timeout.

“I lost my train of though when Chris Mihm set that screen instead of Ronny Turiaf”- Jeff Van Gundy (Via GoodLordMikeBreen)

Mihm, Ariza, Tony Allen…..This the NBA Finals or the NBDL finals? (Via Steve)

Mihm, Ariza, Tony Allen, Luke Walton in the first half… if the coaches don’t take thegame seriously, why should I? (Via Anon)

Those are both very valid questions that I wish I had the answer to. Tony Allen gets a nice shot to fall and the lead is single digits…and a charge on Turiaf! Here come the Celts. Pierce misses and Gasol draws Garnett’s third foul. That’ll hurt. PJ Brown back in. Gasol misses both though and Pierce slams one down to cut the lead to seven. Kobe misses a three and Tony Allen schools him on the other end but can’t finish. PIERCE FOR THREE! Four point game.

Fisher airballs a jumper while trying to force a foul but Pierce misses a jumper at the other end. Lakers turnover and that’s a timeout….

43-39 with 5:44 left in the half

I gotta say… Breen/JVG/Jax all seem to have a… dislike(?) for Cassell… I mean, they’re right, but you RARELY see announcers call it like that, especially on the networks. (Via Anon)

Yeah they do, but it’s okay to question a player or coach’s decisions as long as you don’t go overboard. Turnover on the Celtics. Fisher misses a three and a great save by Brown. Cassell misses what seems like his 14th shot and Odom follows with a layup. Timeout Doc with four minutes left.

Well, at least the Lakers blew their 18pt lead early tonight, keep the ratings up throughout. (Via Anon)

Tony Allen hits again and he’s looking good but Odom gets an and one on the way back up the court. Poor defense all around. Eight point Laker lead. Pierce misses but Farmar airballs a three. Ray Allen hits one though and the lead is five…FARMAR MAKES UP FOR THE MISS! He hits a three.

Allen gets fouled and there are double techs on Allen and Fisher. Didn’t seem like much.

“For some reason I don’t look at either one of those guys like I look at Mike Tyson.”- Mark Jackson

Odom scores and Farmar steals on the defensive end. Miss and the Celtics get the ball back. PJ scores on a bailout pass from Pierce. 30 seconds left….Lakers turnover as Bryant loses. PIERCE NAILS A THREE!!! That’s the half. Another amazing comeback and the lead is just three for the Lakers….

55-52 at the half

OK – in the promo for the US Open Playoff, Breen mentions the first 9 holes being on ESPN. What about the other 9? Is Ron Burgundy going to cover it for local San Diego TV? I know its on a rival network, but c’mon. Stay classy, ABC! (Via Mal)

Good catch. That’s a little bit of a low blow.

Even my grandma knew Pierce was going to take that three. Come on Fisher! (Via Sebastian)

Luke Walton was called by Larry Bird before the finals to wish him luck. You were right AA, Luke is the mole. (Via Steve)

Told you.

“You start the second quarter and you have a nice lead in the game. You sit Kobe Bryant for the first three minutes and you get nothing. You put Chris Mihm in the game, this guy hasn’t played Basketball in two years! He’s in the ballgame in the Finals of an elimination game?!”- Jon Barry

Whoa Jon…settle down, but yes….good point. Aw how cute, Luke and Bill looking at old pictures together. I’m going to cry. If I didn’t hate on Luke Walton as much as I do then that would have got to me. Good try ABC!

Are we about to see a special Father’s Day moment when, after the interview, Luke and Bill roll a doobie together? (Via Mal)

Hahaha. Luke did sound like more of a stoner than his dad.

“He just made a bowling reference. When was the last time you went bowling?”- Jeff Van Gundy

AA… the best part of that was Mark Jackson PROUDLY pointing out taht he won the bowling tounament on three of his teams… These guys annoy me in a good way, is that wrong? (Via Anon)

Oh god…and now he’s talking about Childhood Obesity. Save me. Start of the third and the Celts are called for a few fouls right away. Tie game! Ray Allen hits a three after a Rondo steal. Kobe misses one and commits a foul on the other end. Pierce to the line once again. Make and that’s the first lead of the game for the Celtics. Pierce misses the second. Rad misses, Pierce misses, Gasol misses, Kobe makes….and one. I’d like to know where the foul was on that one. Make. Two point Laker lead.

Garnett blows past Gasol and that’s all day. Tied again. Charge on Kobe and that’s three. Rondo hits a wide open jumper but Gasol hits as well. Gasol again and he gets to the free throw line! Garnett now has four fouls and that was a sketchy call. Now they switch it back to PJ Brown. Weird. Travel on Garnett. The Laker lead is three. Odom misses and Pierce drives for two. Timeout Lakers.

65-64 Lakers with 6:21 left in the third

“And the Celtics deserve to tie the game because the Lakers are playing lazy.”- Mike Tirico on ESPN radio (Via Anon)

Ooooh good reporting Anon….keep me updated on that end. Kobe picks up a charge and his fourth foul. Rondo misses but forces a jump on the defensive end. Lakers get it and Fisher hits an unbelievable and one on a jumper. Four point Laker lead and a turnover….RAD FOR THREE!!!!!!! Timeout Boston.

Why did JVG make it a point to say that Derrick Fisher took the shot lefty, he is left handed after all… (Via Sebastian)

Another good catch. They can’t get anything by you all tonight. Great more celebrity shots….Paula, Robert Downey Jr, Matt Damon, David Spade, Stallone, and Denzel. YAWN! Pierce with another blow by of Radmonovic for two. Posey gets a steal but Pierce misses.

Nice message from Mike Breen to the families of Jim McKay and Tim Russert.

It’s turnover central and the Celtics finally end up with it. Allen draws a foul and heads to the line.

“Mental toughness is all up here he said, pointing to his brain.”- Michele Tafoya on Doc Rivers

Hahahaha. I don’t know whether to make fun of Doc, Tafoya, or both!!!

“I’ve played with guys like Radmonovic. Good enough to keep both teams in the ballgame.”- Mark Jackson

Ha…now we’re cookin’. Fisher heads to the line for two. Six point Laker lead. Cassell hits though (finally) and it’s a four point game. Steal! Cassell misses a three and Garnett picks up his fourth. Gasol to the line. He hits both. Allen steps out and another Boston turnover. Machine misses, no call on the rebound, Bryant misses. Garnett is off and Machine misses a three, rebound Gasol, FISHER THREE! NO!!! Lakers ball still and there’s under a minute to play in the third…

Odom gets a layup and the lead is eight. House throws it away! The crowd finally seems into the game….Gasol hits a jumper but it won’t count. Foul on the floor and he’ll shoot two. Make. Miss. House gets the board. Allen misses and that’s the quarter…..

79-70 Lakers at the end of the third.

AA… you know, I just hope Michele and Doc can someday run away and get married… they’re perfect for each other. (Via Anon)


Did anyone else see Cassell grab at Vujacic while he was taking that 3… Cassell from the bench? Cassell is a wily old man. (Via Zak)

Both teams have done that all Playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the League hand out fines next season for those distractions. Here we go! Pierce is fouled but Odom comes out of it with the injury.

“He took a bad shot.”- Jeff Van Gundy on Odom getting hit below the belt

Farmar gets a bunny and Pierce is way off on the other end. ODOM HITS A THREE! Doc already with the timeout. Lakers up 12. Pierce picks up an easy layup after the timeout but Farmar answers with one of his own.

Life on Mars, with special guest Sam Cassell, only on ABC. (Via SS Reporters

“The crowd is fired up by Pau Gasol’s play.”- Mike Breen

That’s a first. Machine misses yet another three and fouls Posey. Walton rolls in a jumper and the lead is fourteen. Cassell stops the bleeding after posting up Farmar and a double team almost forces a turnover.

WHOA! After the tie up Vujacic goes flying and the teams go at it a bit.

“If you get thrown down by a 38 year old, you’ve got to get a new strength program.”- Jeff Van Gundy

Hahahahaha. Okay that’s a winner Jeffery. Farmar misses and CASSELL HITS AN UNBELIEVABLE AND ONE! The lead is back down to nine. Kobe nails a jumper but Cassell hits again!!! Now we’re playing. Seven in a row for Sam I Am. Gasol with the miss and the flop at the other end. No call on the Garnett shot and Kobe is short as well. Foul on Walton and the Lakers are in the penalty. Horrible foul. Make. Make.

Halfway through the 4th and it’s a seven point lead. Lakers turn it over again and here come the Celts! POSEY FOR THREE!!!!!! Fisher misses and Odom knocks it out. Timeout.

90-86 with 5:28 left

This just in… Bill Walton is creepy when he smiles. (Via Anon)

Mark Jackson, calling Lamar Odom a “…guy you can trust in crunch time”… makes you wonder if he’s just Joe Morgan-ing it tonight. (Via Anon)

Pierce goes to the line and no one can seem to stick him tonight. Make, Make and the lead is two. The Lakers look lost on offense as Fisher misses a three but he picks up a steal….no he was out of bounds. Pierce to Garnett and we’re tied again! Foul on Pierce…dumb foul and that’s his fourth. Gasol hits over Garnett and the Lakers lead by two again. Garnett is fouled and he’ll head to the line. Miss, Make. One point game.

Under four…..and a foul on Garnett! That’s his fifth and Pierce follows with his fifth!!!! Timeout….

92-91 with 3:31 left

NOW is when the guys with the whistles take over. (Via Mal)

I can’t for the life of me figure out why Kobe isn’t shooting every damn time down the court. Odom down low and he’s fouled. Make, Make…three point lead. Kobe knocks it away from Pierce and Fisher gets fouled at the other end. He misses the first and makes the second. Pierce all the way and he’s fouled. No one can guard him on the drive tonight. He hits both and Gasol misses at the other end. Foul on Gasol too. Tough call to make but Bavetta had no choice as Garnett goes down. Two shots….Miss! MISS!!!! Ouch.

Lakers ball….2:20 left….Bryant is fouled and Posey and Odom get into it. Now’s not the time boys. Make, Make. Four point lead. Pierce misses twice and the Lakers get the board!!! Kobe misses but Gasol rebounds. Terrible shot but LA gets lucky. KOBE MISSES! Odom with the foul and he’s about to lose his mind. Pierce to the line….

Good. Good. Two point game. Here we go…..one minute left! FISHER MISSES!!!! Boston ball……KOBE KNOCKS IT AWAY! KOBE WITH THE DUNK!!!!!! Huge play….four point lead.

“Kobe Bryant comes up with the steal, deflects the Basketball…Mama there goes that man. Bryant finishes at the rim!”- Mark Jackson

Huh? 37 seconds left…..

Allen misses, Garnett’s tip misses….Laker ball. 26.8 left and LA is inbounding. Fisher is fouled. Miss! Make!!! 5 point game…timeout Doc and Kobe give Fisher a bit of a stare down. It’s hard to tell if it’s playful or not. I’m guessing not.

24.8 left…Posey inbounds to House…missed three!!!! That’ll do it as Ray Allen fouls out. Kobe to the line….Make, Miss. Six point lead…15.4 remaining.

HOUSE HITS A THREE! Turnover! Whoa…no. Fisher is fouled!!! How was that not a travel? Wow.

“I know you think we’re going to negative Mike by your positive response.”- Mike Breen

Well at least they realize it.

“That’s all they needed tonight was just to win and send the series to Boston.”- Mike Breen
“They need a total different level of resolve to win in Boston.”- Jeff Van Gundy

Harsh but true….and that’s it! The Lakers hold on to win it and we’re heading back back to Boston, Boston. Okay sorry…that was lame. It’s after midnight on a Sunday.

103-98 Lakers is your final

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